Assam: Married man Gulzar Ahmed marries Hindu woman by faking identity, beats her up for refusing to eat beef

Assam: Married man Gulzar Ahmed marries Hindu woman by faking identity, beats her up for refusing to eat beef


A case of love jihad has come to the fore from the Lakhimpur district of Assam. Here a married man and a father of three children- Gulzar Ahmed, trapped a Hindu girl by pretending to be a Hindu. He married her in 2016 after which the atrocities on the victim began. The accused continuously pressurised her to consume beef and assaulted her when she refused to consume it.

The victim, not being able to endure the repeated torture, has now lodged a complaint with the local police and appealed for help. On August 12, @SouleFacts took to the microblogging site X, formally Twitter to share a video of the victim. Speaking to the media, the Hindu woman burst into tears as she recounted the seven years of abuse and brutality she endured at the hands of Gulzar Ahmed and his family. The victim pleaded with the authorities to render her justice.

On August 13, the National Commission for Women took cognisance of the incident. The women’s body took to X to write, “Troubling incident came to light: Allegations state a Muslim man posed as Hindu, marrying a Hindu girl who faced a violent attack for refusing beef. Urgent steps required. National Commission for Women has directed DGP Assam for a comprehensive investigation in a time-bound manner.”

Like in most such cases, Gulzar Ahmed introduced himself to the victim as a Hindu. He convinced the victim to marry him pretending to be madly in love with her. The duo tied the knot in 2016, after which hell broke loose at the Hindu girl.

Gulzar Ahmed took her home after marriage, where the victim came to know about his true identity. She also realised that Gulzar was not only married previously but was also a father of three children.

The Hindu girl’s problems saw no end after she learned of Gulzar Ahmed’s deceit. The accused and his family started torturing her. She was forced to eat beef, and when she refused to consume the beef, Gulzar Ahmed physically beat her.

The torture continued. In the interim, a son was born to the victim, however, after the birth of the boy, the torture further increased on her. The victim recalled how every year, Gulzar Ahmed forced her to eat beef on the day after Eid. But when she resisted, Gulzar Ahmed viciously beat her up with plastic pipes.

The woman said that she was so fed up with the atrocities that once, she went to the Khelmati outpost and lodged a complaint against Gulzar Ahmed and his family. Later, however, Gulzar Ahmed reached the police station and brought her back. He promised in front of the police officials not to torture her in future, however, Gulzar Ahmed resumed hitting the victim as soon as they got home. The victim recalled Gulzar beating her up mercilessly with a helmet for going to the police.

This time the torture went past the tolerable limit and the victim was physically and emotionally at the end of her tether. She left for her parent’s house and is currently staying there. The victim is now hoping that the women’s commission would take action in her case and render her justice.


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