Bhopal: Arrested ISIS terrorist was planning an explosion at Rani Kamlapati station

Bhopal: Arrested ISIS terrorist was planning an explosion at Rani Kamlapati station


A resident of Jabalpur, named Kashif, who has been arrested by the NIA for links with the terrorist organisation ISIS, was preparing to detonate a massive bomb in Bhopal’s Rani Kamlapati station. He was also looking for crowded areas to carry out additional explosions. Kashif had frequently visited Madhya Pradesh’s capital in order to fulfil his evil designs.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested him from Jabalpur on August 20 and took him into police custody from the court for interrogation. Earlier, Syed Mamoor Ali, Mohammad Adil Khan and Mohammad Shahid, who operate the ISIS Jabalpur module were captured by the national agency in May of this year.

The police kept a close watch on the accused after questioning these three. Kashif was promoted by the terrorist organisation after their arrest, and he was charged with expanding the outfit in the entire state.

Kashif allegedly radicalised Muslim youth by brainwashing them and running the Dawah (invitation to convert to Islam) program to do it. He distributed ISIS propaganda material directly to the people in addition to the application of Internet media for the same objective.

Kashif had reportedly organised a number of training camps in the Delawadi forest close to Bhopal where instructions on handling weapons were provided. Now, instead of Delawadi forest, he was searching for somewhere along the Bhopal-Vidisha road to establish a new training facility. Furthermore, he was involved in raising funds for the group.

Kashif was being monitored after receiving confidential information. The cops then nabbed him after connecting all the links.


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