Bihar: Minor girl shot in the stomach during Muharram procession in Darbhanga

Bihar: Minor girl shot in the stomach during Muharram procession in Darbhanga

A 14-year-old girl named Priya was wounded by a sudden gunshot on the night of 29 July when she went to see a Muharram procession in the Gidarganj neighbourhood of the Darbhanga district of Bihar which comes under the Bahadurpur police station.

She was immediately admitted to Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH). She underwent surgery and the bullet was taken out. She is presently out of danger. City Superintendent of Police Sagar Kumar reached the hospital after receiving the information where he met the relatives of the girl. He inquired about the incident and returned after that.

Her father, Devi Paswan, a resident of Kothia Basuari, revealed that he was at the Muharram procession at Gidarganj Water Bays Dam with his daughter and other family members when an unexpected sound like that of the bursting of a cracker was heard in the dark which led to an atmosphere of chaos.

Meanwhile, the minor reported that she was experiencing pain in the right rib cage. When he checked, blood was oozing out of the spot. Afterwards, she was quickly picked up and brought to the hospital.

Her X-ray showed that she was struck by a bullet following which she was taken to the operating theatre for further treatment. Her surgery was performed by Dr BK Mishra’s team.

However, it was unclear who shot the bullet and from where. There was a huge crowd and the area was relatively dark. It was earlier claimed that she was hit by an air gun, but after the operation, it was confirmed that it was indeed a bullet fired from a firearm.

SP Sagar Kumar stated that the matter is under inquiry. He said that action will be taken against the culprits after an investigation of the matter.

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