College couple commits suicide in Karnataka after their intimate video goes viral

College couple commits suicide in Karnataka after their intimate video goes viral

On 28th July, an intimate video of a college couple went viral on social media. When the girl learned about the video, she committed suicide out of distress. Following her suicide, the boy also committed suicide on Friday night. The incident took place in Devangere, Karnataka. Both victims were students in the second year of First Grade Government College.

As per reports, they were in a relationship, and the video was allegedly recorded by someone around two months ago when they were sharing private moments on the terrace of the college building.

The parents of both students have lodged separate complaints with the police. They have sought justice and accountability for circulating the video on social media. District Superintendent of Police Dr K Arun assured the families and the public that a thorough investigation into the matter would be conducted. The investigation into the matter is underway and the police are tracing the culprit who recorded and circulated the video.

The Udupi secret video case

On 18th July, a matter came to light from Udupi Karnataka where three girl students were accused of recording private videos of fellow students in Netra Jyothi College in the washroom. FIR has been registered in the matter. Initially, the college administration and liberal media attempted to paint it as a case of “prank”, but following immense pressure from the public, cases were registered and the accused girls were arrested. The court granted all three girls bail. Investigation into the matter is underway.

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