Congress leader Pawan Khera hits back at Arvind Kejriwal after his criticism of Chhattisgarh govt

Congress leader Pawan Khera hits back at Arvind Kejriwal after his criticism of Chhattisgarh govt


On Saturday (19 August), the barbs of words between alliance partners – Congress and AAP – spiralled exponentially. In a fresh development in the ongoing political feud between so-called alliance partners, Congress has thrown an open challenge to Arvind Kejriwal, asking him to have a public debate on the achievements of governments of both parties.   

Apparently, Congress media department head Pawan Khera made this direct attack on their arch-nemesis turned ally while responding to a media report that highlighted AAP’s recent attack against Congress government in Chhattisgarh. 

Through his retorting post, Congress leader Khera asked Kejriwal why does he need to go to Raipur? The outright premise of the argument seemingly hinted that the Congress leader wanted AAP to remind that it doesn’t want the Kejriwal-led outfit to enter its political territory. To dispel any doubt, the Congress leader argued that their challenge in the state is against BJP, and for that reason, AAP should stay out of it.    

In his post, Khera said, “Why go to Raipur? The performance of our Chattisgarh govt will be compared with the previous Raman Singh govt.”

Going further, the Congress leader threw an open challenge at AAP and asked the Kejriwal-led outfit whether they are ready for a debate to discuss deliverables by the earlier Congress government in Delhi vis-a-vis the current AAP government led by CM Kejriwal.  

Khera said, “Let us choose a sector of your choice and compare the performance of the Congress government in Delhi vs your govt here. Ready for a debate?”  

In a sharply worded criticism, he lambasted AAP claiming that Delhi is heading toward destitution under Kejriwal’s misgovernance. 

Notably, the report that the Congress leader had quoted in his tweets pointed out that AAP Supremo Arvind Kejriwal targeted their alliance partner Congress in the Raipur rally where he claimed that government schools are in ‘terrible’ condition.

In his Raipur rally, Kejriwal said, “Before coming here, I was reading a report. bura haal hai sarkari schools ka (government schools are in terrible condition). Many schools have been shut down by them (the ruling Congress regime), while in others, there is only a single teacher for ten classes.”

Delhi CM Kejriwal and Punjab CM Mann in their addresses accused the Congress government in Chhattisgarh of indulging in rampant corruption. After targeting their alliance partner Congress, they claimed that only they can give a corruption-free government in the state. However, this contentious claim has no takers in Congress, AAP’s recent ally. 

Earlier in the day, on 19 August, Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit distanced himself and the party from AAP’s demand for full statetood. He categorically stated that Arvind Kejriwal only wants to use power to save himself from Corruption allegations. And now, Congress media department in-charge, Pawan Khera too has hinted that Delhi is in facing dire consequences of electing AAP.  


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