Elon Musk to take legal action against “hate speech” narrative run by Soros-backed NGOs

Elon Musk to take legal action against "hate speech" narrative run by Soros-backed NGOs

X CEO Elon Musk has announced that the platform, formerly known as Twitter, will be filing legal action to stop the “hate incidents” narrative by NGOs funded by George Soros. “X will be filing legal action to stop this. Can’t wait for discovery to start!” Musk Tweeted as he shared a tweet by American writer Michael Shellenberger.

Countering the widely peddled rhetoric, Shellenberger shared a report tweeting that “politicians and George Soros-funded NGOs say “hate incidents” are rising, but they are not. He added, “The data show the opposite: higher-than-ever and rising levels of tolerance of minorities. The reason they’re spreading hate misinformation is to justify a draconian crackdown on free speech.”

A report published by “Public”, titled “Soros-funded NGOs demand crackdown on free speech as politicians spread hate misinformation”, dismantled this largely left-liberal narrative saying that an “increase in the reporting of hate offenses is different from an actual increase.”

“For police to classify something as a hate offense, which is either a crime or “incident,” which is a hate act that is not criminalised, no actual proof or evidence is required beyond somebody simply calling it that. The (Ireland police themselves admit that the threshold for perception required for this is “very low.”

Talking about hate crimes in Ireland and the narrative around it, the report says:

“Open Society Foundations-backed NGOs are pushing censorship agenda in Ireland and Scotland that includes police searches of homes, phones and computers.

All of this hype about hate is a pretext for the effort by Irish politicians to pass a strict new “hate speech” law, which would make it a criminal offense to possess allegedly “hateful material” — on paper or digitally — on your person or in your home. If police raided your home in search of such content and seized your devices, the law would carry a potential penalty of a year in prison and a €5,000 fine if you refused to hand over your passwords to authorities.

In the words of government politicians themselves, the law is designed to “restrict freedom” and to “make it easier to secure prosecutions and convictions.” What’s more, the bill reverses the burden of proof under law — if accused of planning to distribute alleged “hate” material, the onus is on the accused person to prove their own innocence.”

India is no stranger to this “hate speech” rhetoric run by footmen of George Soros and the Open Society Foundation. The likes of The Wire, Alt News, Rana Ayyub, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Mohammed Zubair, Ravish Kumar, Rahul Gandhi, and China-funded Newsclick have all been linked to Soros or his organisations at various points in time.

In May this year, Elon Musk took a jibe at Soros saying “Soros hates humanity.” X owner and billionaire Elon Musk had said he would prefer freedom of speech over money and say whatever he wants during an interview with David Faber for CNBC. Faber had questioned him about the recent tweets about George Soros, where Elon Musk drew a parallel between Soros and the fictional comic villain character Magneto and said that George Soros hates humanity.

Who is George Soros?

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman and a self-proclaimed philanthropist who had vowed to ‘fight nationalists’ and conservative governments worldwide, which he often refers to as ‘authoritarian governments’. During the course of his life, if there is one thing George Soros has hated the most, it is India and its nationalist government led by Prime Minister Modi.

Through his Open Society Foundation, which started its operations in India first in 1999 by offering scholarships and fellowships to pursue studies and research at Indian institutions, Soros has made great strides in creating disorder within India. In the name of running philanthropic activities, the left-wing international organisation led by Soros began to spread its tentacles across the country through his active support to anti-India elements operating inside India.

Through his network of NGOs, George Soros has cultivated a class of intellectuals who work resolutely towards opposing the Indian state, especially the nationalist government led by PM Narendra Modi. It all started in 1995 when George Soros contributed the initial seed fund to set up the Media Development Investment Fund. The objective of the Soros-funded not-for-profit investment fund was to invest in ‘independent media’ in challenging India.

Soros-funded anti-India nexus is running abroad just as connivingly as within India and Rahul Gandhi himself has been found the company of Soros’ stooges. During his tour to the US in June this year, Rahul Gandhi was seen sitting with so-called experts and think tanks which included Sunita Vishwanath, who has been termed a Soros proxy by US-based HinduACTion.

In Marh, Simran Jeet Singh, a Soros Equality Fellow with the Open Society Foundations of Geroge Soros, claimed that the Indian government has ‘abused the fundamental human rights’ and imposed severe restrictions on the citizens including freedom of assembly and freedom of expression to nab one Singh. He was referring to the Punjab police’s manhunt for Amritpal Singh, a Khalistani terrorist.


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