Forget actually banning Bajrang Dal, nobody can even think about it: Narottam Mishra

Forget actually banning Bajrang Dal, nobody can even think about it: Narottam Mishra


A day after Congress leader Digvijay Singh said that there are a “few good people” in the Bajrang Dal adding that if voted to power, Congress will not ban the group, BJP leader and Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra on Thursday, August 17, took a swipe at Singh saying that “someone’s” eye flu is getting cured now. Mishra asserted that forget actually banning, no one can even think of banning Bajrang Dal in Madhya Pradesh. 

During a media interaction in Bhopal, today said, “Nobody can even think of banning Bajrang Dal in Madhya Pradesh. I also issued a letter on May 3 this year for the same. Someone’s (Digvijaya Singh) eye flu is getting cured now. Gradually, they are seeing good people in a nationalist organisation.”

The BJP leader further asserted that Bajrang Dal is an organisation comprising patriots.

In a few days, all the webs of eye flu will be cleared, and they will understand that Bajrang Dal is a group of rashtra bhakts. Those who are now seeing a few good people will see all the good people in the nationalist organisation,” Minister Mishra added.

Narottam Mishra in a conversation with ANI reiterated his statement that nobody can even think of banning Bajrang Dal in Madhya Pradesh. He taunted Congress over the party’s promise in its election manifesto in Karnataka to ban the Hindu rights group, saying that were they able to impose a ban on Bajrang Dal there. Mishra went on to point out that Congress is remembering Hindus as the elections are approaching saying that the Congress leaders are now attending Mahakal Sawari events, doing Kanwar Yatra and even organising Bhagwat Kathas. 

“We had said earlier that nobody can think of a ban (on Bajrang Dal). Congress collects votes by spreading lies. Were they able to ban it in Karnataka? But it’s good that now they are remembering Hindus and realising their power. Someone is organising Bhagwat, someone is attending Mahakal Ki Sawari, someone is doing Kanwar Yatra, and now someone is seeing good people in Bajrang Dal. They are saying few good people but will soon say all…,” Mishra said.

This comes after Congress’s Digvijay Singh on Wednesday said that there are a “few good people in Bajrang Dal” adding that if voted to power in the coming state assembly elections, the group will not be banned.

During a media interaction at Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) office in Bhopal, Singh said, “We will not ban Bajrang Dal if we win elections in Madhya Pradesh as there can be some good people in Bajrang Dal as well, but we will not spare anyone involved in riots or violence.”

It is pertinent to recall that Congress in its manifesto for Karnataka assembly elections this year had vowed to ban Bajrang Dal, the party named the Hindu rights group alongside the banned Islamist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) which has been involved in terror activities.

Interestingly, Congress after receiving backlash over its vow to ban Bajrang Dal in Karnataka was compelled to resort to damage control as party leader Veerappa Moily said that Bajrang Dal cannot be banned by the state government. Moily back in May this year, also claimed that there was no proposal to ban Bajrang Dal. 


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