Haryana police SPO, injured during stone pelting at Nuh, talks about how the violence started against the Hindu religious procession, what the Muslim mob did

Haryana police SPO, injured during stone pelting at Nuh, talks about how the violence started against the Hindu religious procession, what the Muslim mob did

On the 31st of July, a Muslim mob unleashed violence against thousands of Hindu devotees who were participating in the VHP Shobha Yatra in Nuh, Mewat. The Yatra has been taking place for the past 4 years. The procession is a “Jalabhishek Yatra” on Shravan Somvar (auspicious Monday in the month of Shravan). It is pertinent to note that Mewat, Haryana, is often referred to as mini-Pakistan because of the rampant Islamisation of the area, crimes of cow smuggling, forceful conversions, rapes, murders and more.

As the religious procession came under attack in Nuh, Haryana, Hindu devotees have revealed to OpIndia and several other platforms that stones were pelted at them from the rooftops, young Muslim boys and men had taken to the mountainous area and were shooting at them from the peaks, acid bottles were thrown at them and several women were harassed. During the violence, several women and children (ranging anywhere between 2000-2500) had taken shelter at the Temple and were rescued only hours later by the police.

Further, there were others who were brutally murdered in cold blood by the Muslim mob too. OpIndia in its report revealed how one Hindu devotee, Abhishek, was first shot by the Islamists, then, his throat was slit and if that was not enough, the enraged Muslim mob then proceeded to crush his head with a large stone.

A Haryana Police SPO, who was injured during the Nuh violence, has now revealed how the violence started and who was responsible for it.

The SPO was seen on video with his head bandaged after he was injured during the stone pelting by Islamists at Nuh. Talking to Haryana Tak, the SPO says that he was injured when the stone pelting started at Tiranga chowk. He says that the Yatra of the Hindu devotees was going on normally and without incident. As soon as the crowd of Hindus swelled, stone pelting started.

On being asked who started the stone pelting, he says that while the Hindu devotees were walking, the Muslim mob started coming out and started taking out a rally of sorts. That is when the stone pelting started. He says he was hurt at about 4:30 when the Hindus started going back from Nuh after coming under attack.

The very fact that he says that the Shobha Yatra was proceeding normally before the Muslim mob started to congregate to counter the Hindus is proof to substantiate how the violence started. He mentions specifically that as soon as the crowd swelled, the stone pelting started saying that it was the Muslim mob that started coming out on the streets to counter the Hindu religious procession.

It is pertinent to note that OpIndia conducted an investigation where it was revealed that Islamists were planning this violence for at least 2 days before the Nuh procession. The Chief Minister of Haryana, ML Khattar, has also confirmed that the violence was indeed pre-planned and seems like the part of a larger conspiracy.

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