‘Heath Streak very much alive’, former Zimbabwean cricketer Henry Olonga clarifies after Streak’s rumored ‘death’ makes headlines

'Heath Streak very much alive', former Zimbabwean cricketer Henry Olonga clarifies after Streak's rumored 'death' makes headlines

On Wednesday, Henry Olonga, a former Zimbabwean cricketer, put an end to rumors that fellow cricketing icon Heath Streak had passed away. Olonga stated that Streak is absolutely alive and well, defying his earlier tweet, which he had posted hours ago.

Olonga shared the update on Twitter in an effort to clear up confusion and counter potential erroneous rumors. “I can confirm that rumors of the demise of Heath Streak have been greatly exaggerated. I just heard from him. The third umpire has called him back. He is very much alive folks,” he tweeted.

Olonga also posted a chat of him with Streak in which the latter could be seen confirming that he was ‘very much alive’. Streak meanwhile also asked Olonga to revert the rumors.

Reportedly Olonga himself had tweeted on August 22 that Streak had passed away. “Sad news coming through that Heath Streak has crossed to the other side. RIP legend. The greatest all-rounder we produced. It was a pleasure playing with you. See you on the other side when my bowling spell comes to an end,” he had said. The tweet, however, now stands deleted.

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After Olonga, Zimbabwean cricketer Sean Williams also happened to pay tribute to Streak saying, “No words can explain what you and your family have done for mine and many others. Our hearts are broken you leave behind a beautiful family and a legacy for us to live up to! You will be missed we love you dearly. Rest in peace streaky.”

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Several media houses like the Guardian, News18, India.com, ABP news, and Sportsstar quickly picked up the news without probably verifying the facts and claimed that Heath Streak, a legendary Zimbabwe cricketer was no more.

NDTV and Sportstar reported Streaks death

“Heath Streak, Legendary Zimbabwe Cricketer, dies at the age of 49 after prolonged Cancer,” wrote NDTV while Sportstar mentioned also followed the erroneous news spread.

News18 reported death of Streak

Meanwhile, the Guardian also paid tributes to the legendary cricketer and said that he was battling cancer. “Former all-rounder had been undergoing treatment for cancer. Streak dies at the age of 49,” the report read.

Guardian reported Streak’s death

However, after Olonga’s tweet clarifying Streak’s message, the media houses reversed the news and claimed that the social media triggered confusion. “Heath Streak not dead,” said NDTV while the news report by Sportstar stood deleted.

News of death deleted by Sportstar

According to the reports, one of the greatest all-around bowlers in international cricket history, Heath Streak, took 216 wickets in 65 Test matches. He achieved a 4-wicket haul in an innings 16 times during this period and a 5-wicket haul in an innings 7 times.

Streak managed to take 239 wickets in ODIs at an average of 29.82. The Zimbabwean cricketer amassed 2,943 runs (13 half-centuries) in ODIs compared to 1,990 runs (1 century, 11 half-centuries) in Tests.

Streak, who has been battling liver and colon cancer, observed his situation deteriorate in May of this year, which prompted his family to admit him right away to the hospital. Olonga was among those who tweeted about his passing. His prompt correction, though, ought to alleviate any anxiety brought up by his initial tweet. Streak’s rumoured ‘death’ had been reported widely, upsetting both cricket players and spectators. But now that Olonga has provided an update, it is safe to conclude that Streak is very much alive.

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