Himachal Pradesh: Police team held hostage during raid; 5 booked

Himachal Pradesh: Police team held hostage during raid; 5 booked

Five people are accused of holding a police team hostage for a while after they raided a store in the Una region to bust a gambling ring. After the incident, Bharatiya Janata Party attacked the incumbent Congress government for allowing the state’s law and order to degenerate into a “puppet in the hands of hooligan elements.”

Following a tip-off about a gambling den operating there, the police conducted an investigation at the shop near the Himachal Pradesh-Punjab border in the Santokgarh district on 27 July, according to the officials.

Three individuals got into a fight with the police squad when they entered the location to look for evidence, while two others dropped the shutter from the outside and locked it. The policemen were confined with the three accused for around 20 minutes before another police unit arrived and rescued them.

The police stated that in compliance with Sections 342 (wrongful imprisonment), 186 (obstructing a public worker from performing his duties), and 34 (joint culpability) of the Indian Penal Code, a complaint has been launched against the five perpetrators. They mentioned that all of the offenders were apprehended on 28 July and later released on bail.

The Una police have been clamping down on gamblers for the past seven months, based on the officials, during which time 135 related First Information Reports have been registered and a fine of 4.5 lakh has been collected.

Meanwhile, Satpal Satti, a BJP lawmaker from the region charged on 28 July that the neighbourhood’s safety and security situation is in jeopardy as a result of the ruling party’s interference and the mafia’s takeover. 

He described the most recent incident as “disgusting” and accused local law and order had devolved into a “puppet in the hands of hooligan elements.” He further declared that his party would fight against the expansion of mafia power in Una and other areas of the state under the regime of Congress.

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