Hindu girl converts to Islam to marry Muslim man, thrown out for refusing to become wife of father-in-law too

Hindu girl converts to Islam to marry Muslim man, thrown out for refusing to become wife of father-in-law too


In the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh, a shocking case of love jihad and torture has come to the fore wherein a Hindu girl from Lucknow was converted to Islam by her Muslim man named Abu Hamid Ansari and after that, she was asked to become his father’s wife too after they had a Nikah. Upon refusing to give in to their bizarre demand, the woman was brutally assaulted by her husband’s family members and was thrown out of the house as well.

In a video statement posted by Sudarshan News, the victim alleged that her husband had assured her that she would not be harassed or tortured after she converted to Islam and performed Nikah with him in 2020. A Sudarshan News report also shows the Nikahnama of the victim and her husband. The family lived in Aligarh and then shifted to Bareilly. The woman said that her marriage was a case of love jihad and it was solemnised by deceit because she was lured into converting to Islam and marrying the Muslim man by assuring that she would not be harassed

However, after performing Nkah with the use of deceit, as claimed by the victim, her husband’s father Abu Huraira Ansari told her that he would not keep her at his home as his daughter-in-law but as his own wife. Her husband also forced her to become the wife of her father-in-law too.

She added that her father-in-law tried to force her to comply with his demands, however, she refused to become his wife. Following this, Abu Hamid’s family, including his father Huraira, brother Sayeed, whom the victim accused of being the mastermind, another brother Abu Sufiyan, sister Habeeba, mother Sayeeda Khatoon and others brutally thrashed her and expelled her from their home.

The victim also accused her in-laws and other members of the family of provoking her to commit suicide saying that she cannot not harm them.

“I told him that I belong to Hindu culture and in our culture we don’t have four wives or four husband type norms. After this, I was beaten up badly, by his (Abu Hamid) father, brother, and sisters, and I was mentally tormented beyond my tolerance levels. They asked me to go away, commit suicide but said we will neither accept you in our family nor will I be able to do anything against them and will just keep wandering door to door,” the Hindu girl said while revealing that all the ten members of the family were involved in financially, mentally and physically torturing her. She added that the two daughters-in-law belonging to the family suggested that they may have been cousins of their husband prior to their nikah.

According to the victim, she went to the clinic in Khushboo Colony owned by her husband’s brother Abu Sayeed Ansari, at around 9 p.m. on August 26, 2023, however, she did not enter the clinic, the victim claimed that a person named Mohammad Imran who worked at the clinic run by the Ansaris had followed her to Dohra Road as she was leaving, and threatened her saying that she has troubled his employers.

It is notable that Bareilly in recent times has become a hotbed of anti-Hindu crimes specially love jihad. OpIndia has reported numerous love jihad cases emerging from Bareilly. In most of such cases the pattern is similar, and involves Muslim accused pretending to be a Hindu and luring Hindu girls into marrying them, converting them to Islam and torturing along with blackmailing them with private videos etc when they refuse to fulfill their demands. In the abovementioned case, however, the accused not only converted the victim to Islam and performed nikah with but also allegedly tried to pressure her into becoming his father’s wife as if the Hindu woman is nothing more than an object of pleasure and a slave.


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