Hindu man & family attacked by Muslim mob for removing bricks outside a mosque in Bareilly

Hindu man & family attacked by Muslim mob for removing bricks outside a mosque in Bareilly


On Thursday, 24th August, tensions erupted in a village in Bareilly after a group of Muslim men indulged in stone pelting after a man tried to remove bricks lying outside a mosque. In the Memudpur village of Aonla Tehsil in Bareilly district, a Hindu man named Nempal was clearing the bricks lying outside the mosque when Saddique, a frequent visitor to the mosque, reportedly began hurling abuses at Nempal’s mother. A verbal fight ensued between the two sides which was placated temporarily after bystanders intervened.

However, sometime later, a mob of Muslim men began pelting stones at Nempal’s shop and beat up his family too. Several people were reportedly injured. A video of the incident has gone viral on social media and policy is attempting to identify more accused from the same.

A case was filed against 18 people from both communities on a complaint made by Nempal. 11 people have been arrested. Bareilly ADG PC Meena reached the police station and inquired about the entire incident and said that the culprits would not be spared at any cost. Police say that action will be taken against whoever is guilty in this case.

A counter-complaint was lodged by the Muslim community against individuals from the Hindu community. As a result, cops have apprehended a total of 11 individuals from both groups including Siddique Atiq, Rehman Shah, Imam Shah, Nawab Shah, Ashraf Amar Ali, and Munne Ali from the Muslim side and Nempal Ravi and Vivek from the Hindu side.

Police are conducting raids at the residences of the accused, who are currently evading capture. Additionally, the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) has been deployed in the village. In the aftermath of this incident, the police are exhibiting a proactive stance, relentlessly pursuing the culprits. Identification of the accused is being facilitated through the video evidence.


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