Hindu sides claim several Hindu idols found in basement of Gyanvapi mosque

Hindu sides claim several Hindu idols found in basement of Gyanvapi mosque


Following the court orders, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is gathering scientific evidence at the Gyanvapi site for the second day on the 5th of August. After repeated setbacks from the courts, the Muslim side joined the ASI Survey on Saturday, the 5th of August. Initially, they refused to open the basement under their control and give its keys but later they relented.  

According to the information, the focus of the ASI survey has been on the central doom but now it has also entered the basement of Gyanvapi. One of them is said to be under the possession of the Vyas family and the keys to one basement are under the control of the Anjuman committee. 

During the survey, the ASI teams found many symbols related to the temple architecture, as claimed by the Hindu side. Sita Sahu, the petitioner of the Hindu side in the Gyanvapi case, has made a riveting claim after the first shift of the survey work was completed at 12:30 PM to allow Muslims to offer prayers at the site. 

According to Sahu, fragmented idols have been found in the basement. A four-foot idol, half of which resembles that of a human while the other half of the idol was reportedly found to resemble that of an animal, has been found. The Hindu site has claimed that the purported idol is of Narasimha Avatar. The antiquities reportedly found during the survey include a two-feet long trident, images of symbols related to Hindu temples, and 5 Kalash (urns).

These idols found inside the basement are being surveyed to determine their age, composition, and whether they are part of some pre-existed Hindu temple.  

Sita Sahu added that the remains of the broken pillars of the temple were also found in the basement. She stated that the videography of the basement has been done. 

Speaking to ABP News, Sahu said that the survey teams have recovered more symbols related to temple architecture than they have imagined. The ABP News reported that the ASI team asked for the basement keys from the Anjuman Intazamia Committee. Afterward, its caretaker Ejaz Ahmed opened the basement today. Subsequently, when the survey team entered the basement, they reportedly found these artifacts including a 2 feet Trishul (trident), 5 Kalash, and 4 feet long fragmented idol. 

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Advocate Sudhir Tripathi who is representing the Hindu site also made the same claim. He stated that they are hopeful that idols will be recovered in the ongoing survey as they have found remains of fragmented idols in the debris lying on the Gyanvapi premises. 

According to Anupam Dwivedi, another lawyer representing the Hindu side, the ASI conducted a survey in the southern basement of Gyanvapi. Using a GNSS machine, they created a 3D image of the basement. Prior to this, the survey team had already examined the main hall of Gyanvapi, where they discovered symbols of lotus flowers, leaves, and idols on the pillars and walls. The entire hall was then meticulously mapped during the survey process.

The survey was stopped at 12:30 pm so that the Muslim side can offer Namaz and it resumed at 2:30 pm. In this scientific endevaour, the ASI will also conduct a detailed survey inside the auditorium and investigation other basements. 


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