Jharkhand: Four killed and thirteen injured during Muharram procession in Bokaro

Jharkhand: Four killed and thirteen injured during Muharram procession in Bokaro


On Saturday, July 29, four men were killed and 13 severely injured due to electrocution during a Muharram procession in the Bokaro district of Jharkhand. The Tazia being carried in the procession collided with a high-tension electric wire resulting in a blast in Khetko village of Peterwar Block in Bokaro, killing four and causing burn injuries to thirteen people. The Tazia was en route from Dargah Mohalla to Karbala when the incident transpired.

As per reports, a battery exploded after coming in contact with the high-voltage wire through a Tazia, causing the fatalities.

Following the incident, all injured persons were immediately taken to the Bokaro Thermal DVC Hospital for treatment. Asif Raza, Enamul Rab, Ghulam Hussain, and Sajid Ansari were among the deceased. Meanwhile, some of the injured persons have been identified as Salahuddin Ansari, Ibrahim Ansari, Lal Mohammad Firdous Ansari, Mehtab Ansari, Arif Ansari, Shahbaz Ansari, Mojobil Ansari, and Saqib Ansari.

Out of the 13 injured, the condition of nine individuals was said to be critical.

Videos of the incident have appeared on social media where sudden sparks can be seen during the religious procession.

According to Priyadarshi Alok, Superintendent of Police in Bokaro, the event occurred in Khetko hamlet, under the Petarwar Police Station borders, around 80 kilometres from the state capital Ranchi, when their holy banner, made of iron, came into contact with a live wire.

“The incident happened around 6 a.m. on Saturday as the participants were getting ready for a Muharram procession. They were carrying a religious flag on an iron pole. Somehow, it came in contact with a high-tension electric wire carrying 11,000 volts,” the SP said.

According to SP Alok, all of the injured people were brought to a local hospital. Eight of them were sent to the Bokaro General Hospital, where four died from their injuries and three were said to be in critical condition.


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