Loved Jihad in UP: Irshad Ali poses as Ishwar to marry a Hindu girl; forces her to embrace Islam

Loved Jihad in UP: Irshad Ali poses as Ishwar to marry a Hindu girl; forces her to embrace Islam

A fresh incident of love jihad has surfaced in Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh where a Muslim man named, Irshad Ali entrapped a Hindu girl in love jihad by posing as an adherent of the same religion. He married her according to Hindu rituals after which she was beaten and forced to change her religion and embrace Islam. The police opened an inquiry and filed a First Information Report based on the complaint of her father.

The instance pertained to the Naka police station area of Lucknow. The complainant stated that the accused lived in a rented property near his house. He pretended to be Hindu and identified himself as Ishwar as well as wore Kalawa, a scared Hindu thread, around his wrist.

Irshad befriended her after initial acquaintance following which he lured her into a romantic relationship and the couple then married as per Hindu traditions. The victim’s father revealed that the perpetrator had taken his daughter around six months ago. She was nowhere to be found, despite extensive searches.

However, during that time the victim discovered that her husband was in fact, a Muslim and not a Hindu. She came to know about the latter’s real name and that he was a resident of the Barabanki district. It was also revealed that on 24 April the offender called a cleric and his parents in order to convert his daughter against her will. He even assaulted her when she resisted.

The father then reported the occurrence involving the girl and her disappearance to the police. He accused the police of being evasive. He had first complained about the case to Inspector Santosh Sonkar on 12 July and the police official had assured the former to investigate the matter. However, he tore the letter when a second complaint was made.

The police eventually lodged a case in response to the complaint submitted to senior officials. Inspector Tej Bahadur Singh of the Naka police station, nevertheless, claimed that the allegations of ripping the complaint are unfounded.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police Aparna Rajat Kaushik informed that a case has been registered on the basis of the complaint launched by the victim’s family. They have levelled multiple charges against the offender. The search is on to apprehend him. The mobile number of the girl has also been put on surveillance.

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