Lucknow: Abu Aamir Ansari pretends to be Amit to lure a Hindu girl into marriage

Lucknow: Abu Aamir Ansari pretends to be Amit to lure a Hindu girl into marriage

A sensational case of love jihad has come to light from Uttar Pradesh. A girl from Lucknow has said that Abu Aamir Ansari entrapped her in love jihad. He first pretended to be a Hindu boy named Amit, after which he brainwashed, married and forced her to embrace Islam.

Ansari is originally a resident of Aligarh and lives in Bareilly with his family members. His father Abu Hurayra also pressured the girl to marry him and become his wife. She charged that she had been beaten by her in-laws on August 26 and filed a complaint about it the following day at the Baradari police station, Bareilly.

The complainant disclosed that she met the accused in Lucknow when he had come there in the year 2006 for studies. He identified himself as Amit. After some time, he introduced his brother Abu Saeed and sister Rani Umm-e-Habiba as Hindus as well. He moved to Delhi in 2010 but continued to have conversations with her.

She conveyed that she eventually came to know about the perpetrator’s real identity, however, he had already succeeded in indoctrinating by that time. He managed to put off the issue of marriage for a long time by using his sister’s Nikah as an excuse. The couple finally got married on 14 June 2020 at the Gausia Masjid (Mosque) in the vicinity of the Aligarh Quarsi police station.

The woman revealed that she was converted to Islam and given a Muslim name during the ceremony. She claimed that she didn’t listen to her parents because her mind was corrupted at that point. Afterwards, her family cut all ties with her.

She was reportedly promised liberty to follow Hinduism after marriage by the offender but her in-laws started harassing her. She lodged a complaint regarding this with the Aligarh Police in October 2020.

A First Information Report of domestic violence under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code was submitted against her father-in-law Abu Hurayra, mother-in-law Saeeda Khatoon, brothers-in-law Abu Saeed and Abu Sufiyan Ansari, sister-in-law Farhat Huma, sisters-in-law (husband’s sisters) Rani Umm-e-Habiba and Umm-e-Rabiba.

Additionally, she initiated a lawsuit in court and claimed ownership of her in-laws’ residence. She accused that even though she won the case, the police were unable to grant her possession of the property despite the court’s directives. Later, the in-laws locked the house and moved to Bareilly and she also reached there in search of them. 

Furthermore, her father-in-law tried to force her to become his wife and her husband also gave consent to it. The former also tried to sexually violate her. She voiced that they want her to end her life under stress. The victim clarified to her in-laws that she doesn’t adhere to the practice of four wives and was beaten by them. The victim said that the story of the movie ‘The Kerala Story’ is absolutely correct and she is a living example of it.

Inspector Baradari police station, Himanshu Nigam proclaimed, “The girl from Lucknow married a Muslim guy from Aligarh. A case is also filed there which is currently pending in the court. A complaint has been submitted here alleging assault. The incident is being probed.”

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