MNS leader issues warning against movie based on the story of Seema Haider

MNS leader issues warning against movie based on the story of Seema Haider

A leader from Raj Thackeray’s Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party has issued a stern warning to Pakistani national Seema Haider on her entry into Bollywood. Taking to X, Ameya Khopkar, General Secretary of MNS, called upon director and producers of the film, ‘Karachi to Noida’, “to stop the drama” or be prepared to face tough actions by his party, MNS. The film is currently in the pre-production phase and is said to be based on the so-called love story of Seema Haider and Sachin.

In his tweet, MNS leader Khopkar categorically reiterated the party’s stance and stated that there is no place for Pakistani nationals in Bollywood. He enquired whether these filmmakers do not feel ashamed for taking such decisions. But, if the filmmakers ignore party’s public warning, Khopkar added, they will have to face dire consequences for their actions.  

The translated version of the tweet reads, “We are firm on our stand that a Pakistani citizen should not have any place in the Indian film industry. Seema Haider is a Pakistani woman currently in India. There were also reports that she was an ISI agent. Some of these people in our industry are making her an actress for fame. Why are these traitorous producers not ashamed? It is a public warning to stop such things immediately, otherwise be ready for action from MNS action. If you don’t listen, resolute action will be taken.” 

For those unversed, Seema Haider is a Pakistani citizen who illegally crossed borders and entered India via Nepal to marry a man named Sachin who she allegedly met on the online gaming platform PUB-G. Click here, to know more about several incriminating documents that the security agencies had recovered from her. 

Amit Jani, a Noida-based filmmaker, has announced a movie titled ‘Karachi to Noida’ based on the couple’s story. Earlier this week, Jani Firefox Production House posted a video on X where people can be seen auditioning for the film. In this video, Seema Haider can be seen in an audition video for the movie. Following this, it has been claimed in media reports that she will act in the movie and the shooting has started.

However, some reports also claim that audions are going on to find an actress to play the role of Seema.

Therefore, it is not sure whether Seema Haider will act in the movie, or whether the video has been as a guide video for auditions, for the prospective actresses to observe her.

Film director Jani had earlier alleged that he has been getting threats for making a film on her. He said that he met Haider and she told him that she would start working in the movie after getting clearance from the UP ATS. Meanwhile, a video had gone viral in which Seema was seen auditioning for the film ‘Karachi to Noida’. Going ahead, the director Amit Jani had called her ex-husband, Ghulam Haider, to India to find out more about her life. 

Filmmaker Jani said, “We want to tell the world how this love story unfolded while playing PUBG, how and why she came to India. We want to convey these elements in our film. So, that’s why we are gathering every detail about Seema Haider.”

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