‘Model’ Meher arrested by Karnataka Police for running extortion racket

'Model' Meher arrested by Karnataka Police for running extortion racket

On Wednesday, August 16, a woman from Mumbai, who claims to be a model, was detained by Karnataka police in connection with a honey-trapping case. A gang led by the model is said to have extorted huge amounts of money from around a dozen men aged between 20-50 by threatening them.

The accused woman, the prime suspect in the case, has been identified as Meher who would trap the men through the Telegram application in the name of Neha. After trapping the men, Meher and her aides also forced them to convert their religion to Islam and perform circumcision, apart from blackmailing them for money.

The incident is said to have happened within the jurisdiction of Bengaluru’s Puttenahalli police station.

According to the police, Neha, alias Meher, used Telegram to contact naïve people in Bengaluru between the ages of 20 and 50. She enticed them to have sex in her home in J.P. Nagar’s fifth stage. She would invite them home and welcome them inside her house wearing a bikini. She would then forcefully hug the victims and then would kiss them. 

The other members of the gang meanwhile would hide in her home and capture derogatory videos of the victim men with the model. The gang members would then appear and steal the victim’s phone and make a list of all the contacts. They would then ask the victim for money and threaten to defame him in his family and friend circle if their demands would remain unfulfilled. The gang would also threaten to send the victim’s compromising photos and videos to his family and friends and ask him to marry the accused model woman.

They would insist that the victims marry the model. As she is a Muslim, they insisted that in order to get married to her, they must convert to Islam. Additionally, they would insist that circumcision be performed right away on the victims. These demands would frighten the victims, who would then hand over large sums of money to the accused.

The gang’s unchecked rampage came to an end when one of the engineer victims mustered the fortitude to call the police. According to the initial investigation, the group had forced 12 people to give them money. The authorities are looking into further cases where they suspect the gang’s involvement.

The police had earlier arrested Sharana Prakash Baligera, Abdul Khader, and Yasin in connection with the case. The accused model Meher was however absconding. She was arrested by the police on August 16. The Police are now looking for another accused involved in the case identified as Nadeem. Investigations underway.

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