Moradabad: Muslim woman accuses lover Shoaib, his brother and friends of rape

Moradabad: Muslim woman accuses lover Shoaib, his brother and friends of rape


On September 6, 2023 (Wednesday) a woman belonging to the Muslim community in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh reached the Senior Superintendent of Police office. She demanded action against her boyfriend Shoaib, his brother and two others. According to the victim, the police had registered a case against the accused on August 19, but no arrest has been made till now.

According to the victim, she was sexually assaulted on June 18. She did not file the case earlier due to the fear of shame in society, however, a month later she mustered the courage and filed a complaint against her boyfriend Shoaib and three others accusing them of rape. She also wrote in her complaint, that the accused filmed the heinous act and threatened to leak it on social media if she complained.

Shoaib worked as a compounder in a nursing home in Kohinoor Tiraha, according to the victim. He has since disappeared from there after the incident.

Sumit Tandon, a Moradabad-based journalist working for Sudarshan News shared a video where the woman, a resident of a locality in the Majhola police station area of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, shared her harrowing tale and grieved the betrayal of her companion.

Speaking to OpIndia, the journalist said that the victim mentioned receiving threats when telling him about her ordeal. He said that the woman alleged that she was being pressured to drop the complaint. The accused are allegedly threatening to file fake complaints against the victim’s relatives, Tandon quoted the woman as telling him. He added that the victim confirmed that the accused had already filed a bogus complaint against her cousins.

The victim, narrating her ordeal, said that on the fateful day of June 18, Shoaib, who lived in her neighbourhood, took the victim for a drive in his car. He was accompanied by his brother Uvaish and two other friends. Shoiab offered the victim cold drinks and samosa, which she suspected was spiked as she fell unconscious after eating it.

There wasn’t a single cloth on my body when I regained consciousness: Moradabad Muslim victim narrates how her childhood friend betrayed her

When she regained consciousness, there wasn’t even a single article of cloth on her body and the four accused were standing in front of her, she added. Afterwards, her boyfriend showed her the videos on his phone and threatened, “If you don’t want these videos to go viral on social media, keep your mouth shut.”

She stated that she had known him since childhood and the two shared a strong friendship since the beginning. However, one and a half years ago their bond turned into a love affair. They met regularly and also developed a physical relationship after he promised marriage, she said, adding that she was unaware of what was going on in his mind and never thought that he would ruin her life in such a manner.

Continuing to narrate her story, she said that she lived with her father as her mother died when she was just two years old. She added that she used to be alone at home when her father went to work and Shoaib took advantage of the opportunity. He used to come to her residence and establish physical relationships with her, promising to marry her. She too used to visit his place.

Shoaib’s father, however, decided to install cameras after his mother witnessed their rendezvous. The girl started to meet him outside after that.

She charged that when the offender’s family learned about their relationship, he refused to acknowledge their affair and declined to marry her after violating her sexually for around one and a half years. Therefore, she registered the complaint after which both he and his family agreed to the marriage, she asserted.

The victim conveyed, “After the agreement at the police station, Shoaib and his family members made us feel that they have started preparing for the wedding. Meanwhile, on 18 June, Shoaib claimed that he wanted to take me to the highway and brought me along. He was taking me in a white vehicle with three other young people inside and his brother Owais was one of them and gave me a samosa and cold drink.”

“I became unconscious after drinking it. When I regained consciousness around 11 at night, I was lying near the tower in Kundarki. I was completely naked with nothing covering me. When I looked up, my lover Shoaib was standing right in front of me with a mobile in his hand. He revealed my naked clip and warned me that he would make the video viral if I disclosed anything to anyone.”

She further added, “At first, I kept quiet out of concern for public shame. I didn’t say anything to anyone. Then on 30 July his mother also threatened me. After this, I met SSP Moradabad and told him about the whole situation after which the police registered an FIR (First Information Report) of gangrape against Shoaib, Owais and other unknown culprits.”

She voiced that she is receiving constant threats from the accused. The station in-charge Kundarki informed the reporters that no arrests had yet been made. He added that an investigation is being conducted into the victim’s accusations.


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