MP: Muslims create ruckus in Ratlam over Instagram post on Islam

MP: Muslims create ruckus in Ratlam over Instagram post on Islam


On Wednesday, August 9th, 2023, a mob created a ruckus in front of the police post in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, during the night. This followed after an allegedly contentious social media post about Islam sparked outrage among members of the Muslim community. The situation escalated rapidly, with irate Muslims converging at the police post to voice their anger while chanting ‘sar tan see juda’ slogans.

The demonstration swelled in size within a short span, as Muslims demanded stringent action against the individual behind the controversial post. As tensions heightened, the scene drew the attention of the police station in charge, along with officers from two police stations, and the CSP.

The commotion subsided following interventions by social workers and law enforcement authorities. Police said, “An investigation has been initiated against an unidentified female, and efforts are underway to locate her. The objective now is to ascertain the actual operator behind the Instagram account.”

Additional Superintendent of Police Rakesh Kumar Khaka, CSP Abhinav Kumar Wareng, and Industrial Police Station In-charge Rajendra Verma were also manhandled at night. City Qazi Ahmed Ali who went there to pacify the situation was also sent back.

The Muslims gathered there also called for the demolition of the residence belonging to the individual responsible for the offensive post. At one point, there was even an endeavour to enter the police post by the mob. However, through collaborative interventions by CSP Warange, TI Anurag Yadav, and City Qazi Ali, the young protestors eventually acquiesced to staging their protest on the road.

Subsequently, the police lodged an FIR. Following that, social activist Imran Khokar and councillor Waseem Ali took to the police vehicle to address the crowd, successfully urging them to conclude the traffic disruption.

Additional SP Rakesh Khakha said, “Someone had posted an objectionable post on social media, following which, people of one community came to lodge a complaint as they got angry. We assured the people and have registered a case against the person who posted the controversial post. The entire matter is being investigated.”


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