Nuh Yatra: Seers from Ayodhya conduct sit-in protests after stopped from participating in Jalabhishek Yatra

Nuh Yatra: Seers from Ayodhya conduct sit-in protests after stopped from participating in Jalabhishek Yatra


On Monday, August 28, several Hindu saints and seers were stopped and not allowed to join the Brijmandal Jalabhishek Yatra in Nuh. The Nuh Police and the administration blocked Seer Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj from Ayodhya at the Sohna toll plaza and asked him not to be part of the scheduled Yatra. The Police are also said to have stopped him from returning.

As a result of this, the Seer has started a sit-in protest and has said that he will continue to protest unless the administration allows him to be a part of the Yatra or to return.

“I have come here from Ayodhya. The administration has stopped us here, they are not allowing us to move ahead nor they are allowing us to go back. So I am doing fast until death. If they (the administration) will shift me somewhere else, I will do fast until death there as well,” said Seer Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya Maharaj while talking to the media.

The seer also said that he was accompanied by many of his followers who wanted to pay tributes to the Hindus who lost their lives recently in the Nuh Violence. “They all returned. I asked them to go after the police stopped us and said that section 144 had been imposed in the region. But now we are only 2-3 people and we are still stopped from moving ahead,” the Seer noted.

The Nuh administration and the police have refused to give permission for the Yatra. “The Local and State Administration has denied the permission (for the yatra). Force has been deployed in the region to ensure law and order is maintained. Section 144 has been imposed in the area. I would appeal to the people to maintain a peaceful environment through mutual understanding,” Rajender, IG, South Range, Rewari was quoted as saying by the ANI.

The Yatra, which was supposed to happen on 31st July 2023, could not be completed after Islamists attacked the devotees in Nuh and at Nalhar Shiv Mandir. At least six people died, hundreds of devotees and police personnel were injured, several public and private vehicles were burnt to ashes, and the rioters destroyed a cyber crime police station. Reportedly, the rioters were equipped with batons, sticks, stones, bricks, and illegal weapons during the attack.

After the situation improved in Nuh, Sarv Hindu Samaj conducted a Mahapanchayat and decided to complete the Yatra on August 28. Though the administration refused to give the permission, VHP, and other Hindu organizations decided to go ahead with the Yatra on the last Monday of Shravan Somwar, the auspicious month to worship Lord Shiva.

Speaking to OpIndia, VHP Spokesperson Vinod Bansal said, “It was already announced in our press conference that in view of G20, we will complete the Yatra in a symbolic manner. However, symbolism does not mean devotees will not be there. The people from Mewat, our local leaders and saints, are participating in the Yatra.”

In view of the Yatra announced by Hindu organisations, the Haryana district of Nuh has been turned into a fortress. Over 1,900 police personnel have been deployed. Section 144 has been imposed, and the administration has urged Hindus to do Jalabhishek at their local Shiv Temples.

As reported earlier, VHP leader Alok Kumar and Panchayats members will participate in the Yatra with the devotees led by saints.


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