PM Modi cites WHO data, says opposition oblivious to India’s development

PM Modi cites WHO data, says opposition oblivious to India's development


In an all-guns blazing attack on the Opposition, PM Modi said that instead of using an opportune atmosphere that is before the country, the Opposition has betrayed the people under the guise of the no-confidence motion. In a scathing attack on the opposition while replying to the no confidence in Lok Sabha, he said that the truth that the world is witnessing from afar, the Opposition cannot see even from such a close distance. “What can the country do about the (Opposition’s) Ostrich approach,” PM Modi said suggesting that the Opposition deliberately ignores India’s rise at the global stage.

“Today, India’s youth has launched record number of start ups and brought pride to India, record amount of foreign direct investment is pouring into India, India’s export is touching new heights. They (Opposition) cannot listen to anything good about India, such is their condition,” PM said.

He said that the poor are assured that their dreams will be fulfilled. “Poverty is reducing at a fast rate. According to NITI Aayog, 13.5 crores have come out of poverty in the past five years,” PM Modi said.

Quoting the International Monetary Fund (IMF), PM said that India has nearly eradicated extreme poverty. “IMF has touted our direct benefit transfer (DBT) and other such social welfare schemes as a logistical marvel.”

He also mentioned that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said that the Jal Jeevan Mission has saved four lakh people. “Who are these four lakh people? They are the poor, exploited, backward members of our families…they are those who were compelled to life of adversity…the W.H.O is talking about the lives being saved of these four lakh people,” PM said.

“The W.H.O after conducting an analysis of the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan said that the scheme has saved the lives of more than three lakh people.” PM Modi said these three lakh people are those who are compelled to live in shanties, who have to live through several obstructions, are my members of poor families, are those who survive in the slums in the cities, are those who live in rural areas, and they are those who belong to the backward classes.

“UNICEF has said that because of the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan, the poor is saving Rs 50,000 every year. But the Congress along with some other opposition parties do not trust these achievements of India,” PM said.

In a more direct attack on the Congress, PM Modi said, “There was a time, they used planes and ships on their birthdays for enjoyment. Now planes are being used to transport vaccine and Navy ships are being used to bring back stranded Indians in other countries.”

PM Modi also recounted how the Congress had instigated HAL employees and said that it is faring far better under BJP’s rule now. “Despite their attempts to instigate the workers of HAL, the company has registered highest over revenue.”

Back in 2018 in the run-up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi had targeted the BJP government over its deal with France for Rafale fighter jets. Despite no evidence, Rahul Gandhi continued to peddle rumors that the Modi government was trying to shut down Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and render its employees jobless.

In February this year too, PM Modi had accused the Congress of spreading misinformation about HAL and wasting Parliament’s time.


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