PM Modi takes “Darbari” jibe at Congress in response to no-confidence motion

PM Modi takes "Darbari" jibe at Congress in response to no-confidence motion


Prime Minister Narendra Modi began his address with his much-awaited response to the no-confidence motion in the Parliament. He drew the cricket analogy while taking a dig at the Opposition’s conduct while moving the no-confidence motion against the Modi government.

“Respected Speaker, when you (the Opposition) finally let the Session run, you (the Opposition) assembled only for the no-trust vote that to bound by the conditions applied by your ‘kattar bhrasht’ colleagues,” PM Modi said in a dig at the Opposition alliance, I.N.D.I.A.

Further, taking a jibe at the Congress loyalists, he said, “What kind of discussion did you hold on the no-confidence motion? I have been seeing that your ‘darbaris’ (courtiers) on social media are also disappointed. Such is your condition.” PM Modi’s veiled attack, or not so veiled really, was against the Congress loyalist media persons like Rajdeep Sardesai, Arfa Khanum Sherwani, Tanushree Pandey, Yogendra Yadav, and Ravish Kumar, and many more who have peddled Congress propaganda and parallelly spread Hindu hate.

PM Modi then began to draw the cricket analogy saying that the fielding was organised by the Opposition but the fours and sixes were hit from here (Treasury benches). “And the Opposition kept moving with no ball after no ball. Centuries are being hit from here (Treasury benches) and no balls are being delivered from there (Opposition),” Modi said with a grin.

He mocked the Opposition saying why don’t you work hard? “You should work a little bit harder. I told you back in 2018 that do come back (in power) in 2023. But you couldn’t even work hard for five years. Such is your condition, such adversity you are in,” PM Modi said amid loud laughter from the MPs of the ruling party.


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