Rajasthan: Moin Khan pretends to be Monu, traps and rapes two minor Hindu girls in Jaipur, lets his friends rape one of them against money

Representational Image from The Meghalayan

A shocking instance of love jihad has come to light from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Here, a man named Moin Khan, a resident of Jalupura entrapped a young woman and two minor girls of age 14 and 17 respectively. He kept them hostage and raped them. He also took money from his friends who proceeded to sexually assault the 14-year-old. She was held captive by him for around a month.

The accused has been arrested and his minor friends who are below the age of 18 have been apprehended and sent to the child reform home. He introduced himself as Monu to both of the victims. Therefore, the police are also looking into the matter from the perspective of love jihad.

The 17-year-old girl registered a police complaint against him at Sadar police station in Jaipur. She informed the police that she had left the house after an altercation with her mother. Meanwhile, Moin Khan met her in the Sindhi Camp area and told her that his name was Monu.

He lured her to a hotel under the pretence of help and raped her there. She somehow managed to escape from him the following day and made it home where she narrated the entire ordeal to her mother. Afterwards, her mother took her to the Sadar police station to file a rape case.

The girl revealed to the authorities that another minor was taken hostage in a room in the same hotel where she was subjected to rape. She too was sexually violated by Moin Khan and his accomplices. The police reached the establishment located in Jalupura based on this information and captured Khan.

The police released the 14-year-old girl who was trapped there. She then disclosed that her elder sister had brought her to Jaipur about a month ago and left her with the perpetrator. She stated that her sibling was already familiar with him.

The adolescent said that her parents got divorced when she was 3-year-old. She lived with her mother while her sister moved in with her father. She went to stay with him some time ago, but he used to get drunk and beat both girls.

Her sister took her to Jaipur as a result and left her with the culprit. He sexually assaulted and imprisoned her in a hotel room just two days after her elder sister’s return. She unveiled that he forbade her from leaving the room as well as thrashed her.

One day he had two of his friends with him and after collecting about Rs 2500 from them, he handed her over to them. Furthermore, she was taken by both of them to a cafe in Lal Kothi where she was gang raped. They warned her that there would be negative repercussions if she notified anybody about the horrific episode.

According to the police, apart from these two minor girls, Moin Khan’s relationship with a young woman has also come to the fore. They are investigating the possibility that he made multiple more victims similar to the two minors.

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