Rajasthan: Money lender Mehrdeen rapes woman after she fails to repay interest on loan

Rajasthan: Money lender Mehrdeen rapes woman after she fails to repay interest on loan


On Wednesday, August 9, the Nagaur police in Rajasthan, informed that it has arrested a money lender identified as Mehrdeen for allegedly raping and blackmailing a married woman in his neighbourhood.

The action was taken based on a complaint filed by the woman on August 7 at Nagaur police station wherein she alleged that Mehrbeen raped her once five months ago and then later once in Jodhpur. He committed the heinous crime on the pretext of the loan he had given her a few months ago for her husband’s medical treatment.

The woman said in the complaint that she had taken Rs 10,000 as a loan from the accused Mehrbeen for the treatment of her ailing husband, who was suffering from paralysis. She had returned Rs 5000 to Mehrbeen and was continuing to return the remaining Rs 5000 in monthly instalments of Rs 500.

One day, Mehrbeen approached the woman and demanded that she paid him interest on the loan she had taken. He asked her to give him Rs 10 for every hundred rupees she had taken as a loan. From that day onwards, the accused started regularly threatening her to repay the interest amount.

One day, when the victim’s husband was away for some work, Mehrbeen barged into her house and raped her for not being able to repay the interest. He also filmed the act and started using it to blackmail her.

A few days later, the accused forced the victim to accompany him to Jodhpur by threatening her with the video he made the previous time. In Jodhpur, the accused again raped her and also filmed the act. This time, Mehrbeen went a step ahead and leaked the video on social media.

After the video went viral, the victim attempted to commit suicide by jumping into a pond but she was saved by some locals present there. The villagers informed the local police about the incident, who in turn reached the spot and launched a probe into the case. The victim reached the police station on August 7 and filed a complaint against the accused.


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