Rajkot: Man killed for stopping igniting marijuana with temple lamp

Rajkot: Man killed for stopping igniting marijuana with temple lamp


In the past week, Gujarat’s Rajkot was convulsed by a total of three homicide cases. Particularly alarming is the unfolding information regarding the killing of a Hindu shopkeeper on August 16th. According to emerging reports, it is alleged that the perpetrators attempted to use a temple lamp to ignite marijuana within the shop belonging to Vijay Babaria, the shopkeeper. Tragically, this act resulted in a dispute that ultimately led to his untimely death.

As per Desh Gujarat’s account, during the encounter involving Arif Solanki, Armaan Salim Bloch, Rahil Sharif Sandh, and Shakeel Imtiaz Parmar, they allegedly tried to use the lamp within Rela Mandir, located in the vicinity, to lit their marijuana-laden cigarettes. Vijay Babariya, however, opposed this action. Tragically, the confrontation over this incident is believed to have played a role in the accused’s decision to murder Vijay on the following day.

The OpIndia group reached out to the Thorala police station in an attempt to gather additional details about the incident. However, the officials declined to provide further information, citing the sensitivity of the case and the ongoing nature of the investigation.

In the preceding week, an instance of murder surfaced in Rajkot. In this incident, a young Hindu individual engaged in selling leaves was tragically murdered by four individuals after he declined their request to smoke marijuana in the vicinity of his shop. The identified perpetrators, in this case, are Ayan Arif Solanki, Armaan Salim Bloch, Raheel Sharif Sandh, and Shakeel Imtiaz Parmar. All four individuals have since been apprehended and taken into custody.

The departed soul feverishly implored the accused to abstain from indulging in the inhalation of marijuana in close proximity to his establishment, as well as asked them to refrain from loitering around. Simultaneously, he voiced his profound disapproval of the notion that the sacred flame adorning the temple lamp within his shop should be employed to ignite a cigarette brimming with the forbidden substance. These admonitions, delivered with a heavy heart, seemed to kindle an unexpected fervour within the accused.

Their emotions stirred, and the implicated individuals departed that day, leaving behind a cloud of veiled threats that hung in the air like unspoken riddles. Yet, the sun’s relentless passage brought another dawn, accompanied by a sinister twist. On this fateful morrow, the accused returned not with mere words, but with a glinting knife clutched tightly in their grasp. The blade, an instrument of cold malice, became their retort—a retort etched in steel—a chilling response that shattered the tranquillity of the unassuming establishment.

The late young individual was recognized as Vijaybhai Babaria, aged 30. He resided on Dudhsagar Road and managed a paper mill in close proximity to his residence. During the evening of August 15, 2023 (which happened to be a Tuesday), while he was seated on the veranda, a group of four individuals arrived. These individuals were found to be in possession of marijuana.

The perpetrators attempted to ignite marijuana using the temple lamp situated in the Galla area. When Vijay declined their offer to consume the marijuana, their frustration escalated. They departed after issuing a threat, stating, “I’ll deal with you tomorrow.” Following this incident, Vijay Babaria returned home. Tragically, the following day (Wednesday, August 16) at approximately 11 am, a group of four men arrived and assaulted Vijay with a knife, resulting in the tragic demise of the shopkeeper.

Presently, law enforcement has apprehended all the suspects, and the investigation into the case is ongoing. The incident has also sparked significant outrage among local Hindu organizations.


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