Sonia Akhtar case: Husband says he was forced to sign conversion Islam and Nikah papers

Sonia Akhtar case: Husband says he was forced to sign conversion Islam and Nikah papers


A fresh development has occurred in the case of 29-year-old Sonia Akhtar from Dhaka, who travelled to Noida from Bangladesh with her one-year-old son to find her alleged husband. She presented the Noida police with the documents of her Indian husband Saurabh Kant Tiwari’s conversion to Islam and their marriage certificate. The investigation into the matter is presently underway.

However, the 47-year-old resident of Greater Noida’s Shivalik Homes Society charged that she and her family members forced him to sign the certificate and the document. He disclosed to Aaj Tak that he had received multiple calls from the police in connection with his testimony.

He stated that they became intimate after they grew close. Meanwhile, she captured objectionable photos and footage of him which were used to threaten him to tie the knot with her. The couple got married in an Islamic ceremony in April 2021.

According to him, he was pressured into paying Rs 1 crore after the wedding. He asserted that she was already aware of his first wife and children who live in India. He was fired from his work in the neighbouring country and left for India after informing her of everything. Despite this, they are subjected to blackmail through photos and videos.

He mentioned that he has filed for divorce in Bangladesh, but she continues to trouble him with her visits to India. He accused that he had not committed any crime in India, but he was under pressure from the police. He also conveyed that they asked him to make arrangements for her stay here. He voiced that he is prepared to accept the judgement rendered by the Bangladesh court. He also intended to comply with any orders to pay child support.

However, Sonia Akhtar’s attorney argued that he lied to her during his time in Bangladesh. Saurabh Kant Tiwari claimed his first wife had passed away and they would be happy after their marriage. Afterwards, he embraced Islam and wed her as well as presented multiple photographs of the pair. The lawyer informed that her infant son was in poor health condition.

The Bangladeshi citizen filed a complaint in this regard to the Noida Police on 21 August. The instance is being probed by the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Women’s Security. She arrived at the women’s police station in Noida two days earlier and submitted that she married him two years prior on 14 April.

She informed the police that he used to work at Culti Max Energy Pvt Ltd in Dhaka from January 2017 to December 2021. He left her and returned to India after their marriage, based on her. She has reached India with legal paperwork and noted that she wanted to be with her spouse. He has also handed over his and his son’s passport along with visa and citizen card to the police.


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