Suvendu Adhikari writes to WB Governor over violence in Hooghly’s Bansberia

Suvendu Adhikari writes to WB Governor over violence in Hooghly's Bansberia

On Wednesday (16 August), the Leader of the Opposition in the West Bengal Assembly, Suvendu Adhikari, sent a letter to Governor CV Ananda Bose in connection with the deteriorating Law and Order situation in certain parts of the state. Taking to X, Adhikari shared the letter he has sent to the Governor, requesting him to deploy central forces to bring back the rule of law in the violence-affected areas.  

In his post, Adhikari stressed that the tension in Bansberia has snowballed into a major conflict with violent attacks and arson happening incessantly.

Targeting the ruling party Trinamool Congress, Adhikari claimed that the West Bengal Police and state government have failed miserably to control the Law and Order situation in areas where tensions are running high. The BJP leader pointed out that the deplorable act of desecration of the National flag by some miscreants belonging to a particular community has led to a deteriorating Law and Order situation in and around this region.

Stating that the police have failed in controlling riot-hit areas and things are getting worse as time passes by, Adhikari urged the Governor, through his letter, to urgently deploy CAPF personnel to restore normalcy. 

It is notable that unrest broke out in Hooghly’s Bansberia on Tuesday amid rumours of the national flag being thrown down during Independence Day celebrations. Later police arrived and brought the situation under control, and Section 144 was imposed. Several persons involved in violence were arrested. When the BJP team led by state president Sukant Majumder wanted to meet the families attacked by the mob, they were prevented by the police.

However, tensions erupted again on Wednesday, when bricks and stones were hurled. Police fired tear gas to bring the situation under control, but tension still prevails in the area. Following the violence today, Hooghly MP Locket Chatterjee went to the Magra police station, demanding to arrest the accused and release of the innocents.

On the other hand, TMC has blamed BJP for inciting violence in Bansberia.

LoP accuses the government of indulging in an abject form of appeasement politics

In the letter sent to Governor, LoP Adhikari said, “What started with the alleged desecration of the national flag by one particular community and consequent resistance from another community to stop such desecration has snowballed into a major conflict now with rampage, arson, bricks and bottles being used as missiles against each other.”

He alleged that the police have failed to bring the situation under control and apprehend the culprits who instigated and perpetrated the desecration and subsequently resorted to rioting.

Stating that TMC is indulging in appeasement politics, the letter stated, “The police are arresting people from one community only and letting people from another particular community roam free though it is they who started it all. This is more severe than what happened in Rishra and Shibpur a few months ago.” 

In the letter, Suvendu Adhikari emphasised that the common citizens of this region are living in a fearful atmosphere and it has badly impacted their livelihood. He stressed that one community is facing the brunt of this and is being forced to flee in fear of getting persecuted by the other community and the police. 

The BJP leader stressed that it is a concerning issue as West Bengal is a border state and a hub of explosives and terrorism and is being used as a transit corridor. He added that if things are not controlled in time, the issue has the potential of getting worse and getting out of hand.

After highlighting the prevailing Law and Order situation, Suvendu Adhikari in the letter said, “I call upon your good office to step in as the guardian of the Constitution and recommend deployment of CAPF in the riot-hit area for a speedy return to normalcy since the state government has miserably failed to act decisively, boldly and in accordance with the law and the Constitution.” 

He concluded by reminding that incidences in the past have shown to what extent the ruling party TMC can go, to placate its vote bank. 

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