Tamil Nadu school teacher boasts cutting Kalawas of Hindu students on social media, deletes after outrage

Tamil Nadu school teacher boasts cutting Kalawas of Hindu students on social media, deletes after outrage

With each passing day, more cases of Hinduphobia on school premises are coming to the fore. The latest glaring example recently came to light from Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram. Evidently, a school teacher shared a social media post where she eulogised her act of forcefully removing the sacred thread (Kalawas) from the wrists of Hindu students and advised them not to wear them again, as she claimed in her purported post. 

The purported post which has been taken down following massive public outrage was shared by a teacher named Udaya Lakshmi from her Facebook profile on the 24th of August. However, the controversial, anti-Hindu post is still there to see on the profile of her Facebook friend seemingly a relative.

Purported Facebook post by Udaya Lakshmi, later deleted after outrage

Praising the act of Udaya Lakshmi, a person named Deepa Lakshmi shared a similar or somewhat exact anti-Hindu content that was shared by the controversial teacher.

(Post Source – Deepa Lakshmi’s Facebook Profile)

As per her Facebook post, in an act of open display of Hinduphobia and deep hatred for Hindu symbols, the teacher lined up Hindu students and forcefully removed their Kalawas. She also boasted of brainwashing the minor students and claimed to have instilled the belief that they should not adorn Hindu symbols like Kalawa. Going further, she asserted that she may put them under constant surveillance to materialise her brainwashing thoughts.  

The post praising Udaya Lakshmi stated, “I finished an important work today in class. I made the students who were tying ropes in their hands stand in a line and cut the ropes with scissors. I explained why them why they should not tie the rope. I am thinking of putting up constant surveillance.” 

The post further added that following the orders of the Chief Minister, for three consecutive days, coming from the police station, we discussed social justice and equality in the morning meeting at the school. 

In the post, she emphasised that cutting the students’ ropes is an initial point of discussion and understanding. 

The post concluded by arguing that when the government did not allow to tie the ropes, then was it not right to cut the ropes?

The post has attracted vile anti-Hindu comments as well where some praised the alleged act of Hinduphobia, some shared their own desires and experiences. 

However, the purported post initially shared by the accused teacher Udaya Lakshmi was removed when it garnered widespread protests and condemnation. 

OpIndia contacted the local police to inquire about the incident but they refused to divulge information about it. 

Earlier this week, another case of Hinduphobia was witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua region. In that horrifying case of brutality, a minor Hindu boy was mercilessly beaten by the principal of a government school named Mohammed Hafiz and lecturer Farooq for merely writing ‘Jai Shri Ram’ on the blackboard. The minor victim was later hospitalised after he sustained injuries. 

Following the incident, police filed a case and arrested the accused teacher Farooq while the principal was still at large. Police have pressed charges under sections 323, 342, 504, and 506 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Additionally, they have charged the accused under Section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

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