The grooming gangs of UK- Part 2: Whitewashing the perpetrators’ identity and appropriating it as Asian/South Asian

The grooming gangs of UK- Part 2: Whitewashing the perpetrators' identity and appropriating it as Asian/South Asian

In part one of the UK grooming gang series, we documented and compiled the details of the sinister Islamist grooming gangs across UK cities which preyed on minor girls, and sometimes even boys, who were mostly white.

There was an utter lack of sincerity and willingness across authorities and even on the part of elected representatives. The police and the administration’s take-for-granted attitude abetted the brutal gang rape and murder of Britain’s girls as they were treated like commodities for decades.

In part two of the UK grooming gang series, we will be exposing and commenting on the political correctness that ails ‘great Britain’ which kept the victims suffering at the hands of perpetrators. The report draws attention to the point that how being a mute spectator for the sake of political grandstanding has abetted the torture the victims were subjected to.

Besides negligence, one of the key detriments to justice was political correctness. The blatant denial by an entire administration right from care homes management, to the police, and government authorities added insult to injury. By all accounts and merits of the cases, most of the gang members were Muslims, of Pakistani descent.

Of the Muslims, most were British Pakistanis. And this very specific detail of the identity of the accused had the power to conceal the truth, to cast doubt on the truth, to alter the facts, to whitewash the crimes, to belittle the victims, and to render an entire police and legal administration blind, and powerless. Of the victims, most were white and some Asian.

Authorities didn’t act for fear of appearing racist

According to an 18-month-long investigation by the Sunday Mirror, Telford authorities refused to keep details of abusers for fear of “racism”. One of the victims, now in her 50s, said that she had reported the abuse to the council but believes no action was taken. Her doctor reportedly termed her “mentally ill” and said she should take medication.

A 2013 report published by the Telford and Wrekin Council read, “From the late 1990s professionals had concerns about the nature of some of the child sexual abuse cases presented to them.” Another UK media report on the Telford investigation says that “exploitation was not investigated because of nervousness about race”.

A witness account alleges that the police were too scared to question or challenge the perpetrators because of the ethnicity of the accused which put the cops at the risk of being labelled “racist”. There were also fears of racial tensions that could be flamed by “Asian men”.

Social workers who did attempt to report the crime were even sent for race relations courses and were threatened with disciplinary action if they didn’t refrain from mentioning the Pakistani identity of the accused.

So careful and mindful were the British local authorities that they even reportedly refrained from registering the ethnicity of the accused. 200 potential abusers were identified in Operation Chalice from 2010-2012 but merely nine have been jailed.

In September 2016, Conservative party MP Lucy Allan called for a public inquiry into the abuse cases but police and council officials in Telford wrote to then Home Secretary Amber Rudd saying this isn’t necessary.

An Independent Inquiry into the Telford Child Sexual Exploitation was published in 2022. It read, “The Inquiry heard that teachers with management responsibility had sought to raise the issue of child exploitation with Council officers, telling the Council that there is a problem in this authority with Pakistani youths – only to be accused of being racist by a Council officer.”

Witnesses also told the inquiry that the barbaric murder of Lucy Lowe was well-known in a particular school and kept the children in fear of speaking out. “Every single one [of] our girls that was involved with the Pakistani community in any kind of part of their lives that we might be concerned about, and might be talking to them about, they were all clamming up big time because,… Lucy had lost her life. And they knew…”

What is more damning is that these reports are far from being the first or second or even third. A number of inquiries were commissioned in the 1990s in Telford. One such report submitted on September 1999 read, “a lot of activity at [Premises A], Wellington involving Asian males and young girls [and] it is suspected that the girls are being used at [the] flat as prostitutes.”

“Two Pakistani men (I/D unknown) are ‘running’ two girls (prostitutes) from a flat… [in proximity to Premises A], Wellington. This has been going on for about 6 months. There are frequent male visitors to the flats… 6-7 men a day visit. There is a connection to [certain] telephone boxes within half a mile radius of Premises A”, the report read.

One of the Telford reports too has been criticized for repeatedly using the term “south Asian heritage”. In Rotherham, of all the cases, the ethnicity of the perpetrators was omitted in 67% of them.

Lucy was 16 years old when her abuser set her home on fire. Her mother and sister were killed in the incident. Though the accused taxi driver, identified as Azhar Ali Mehmood, was jailed by the court for the murder charges, he was never prosecuted for the sex offenses.

When Lucy was just 14 years old, she gave birth to a child. When she died, she was again pregnant. During the investigation, the chair found that one particular school was well aware of Lucy’s murder, and the children were intimidated from making any complaints about the matter. One of the witnesses said in a statement that the girls of that particular school were aware of Lucy’s murder and scared to talk about it.

In Newcastle in 2017, the then Chief Constable Steve Ashman of the Northumbria police, which was drawing flak for paying a convicted child rapist £10,000 to gather intel on the grooming gangs, said, “I don’t think it’s for me to point the finger at a particular community.” As for paying a convict, Ashman said he would do it again to get evidence against the accused.

Despite clear knowledge of the direct involvement of Pakistani grooming gangs, that the gruesome crime went on like business as usual is shocking, to say the least. Such has been the sheepish response from a country that a few decades ago practiced some sort of divine right on the colonies. It seems that once a ‘great’, Britain’s shoulders had become too droopy a long time ago to bear the “white man’s burden”.

When political grandstanding overpowered the truth

Political complicity in shielding the identity of the rapists, too, was exposed with the serious charges of deliberate ignorance leveled against the Rotherham council. The council was in blatant denial of the crimes even after a report was published detailing how it let down the victims. The town officials and the council, under the Socialist Labour Party, knew of the abuses for a full 16 years. Four of its members were removed by the party; two were Muslims.

Again, for some reason, the officials preferred being mute spectators to and abetting the gang rapes for the fear of being accused of “racism”. It was never lost upon anyone that the accused were mostly Pakistani Muslims. And it seems that the votes and public image mattered more than the lives of 1,500 girls of Rotherham (perhaps more).

Political aspirations were running so high that, according to this report, in 2012, the same ignorant officials removed foster children from a home in Rotherham because the foster parents belonged to the right-wing UK Independence Party (now Reform UK). This dangerous move put the lives of more children in peril as it came when the grooming gangs were still in their heyday.

The Rotherham council, according to the report, went to “considerable lengths” to cover up information. In 2015, then Communities Secretary Eric Pickles told the House of Commons that “some councilors have not lived up to the high standards expected of those in public life or their positions of responsibility.”

The rise of political opponents was a bigger concern for the local councils as they believed that “by opening up these issues they could be ‘giving oxygen’ to racist perspectives that might, in turn, attract extremist political groups and threaten community cohesion”.

But even the authors of some of the reports that have called out political correctness have at some point in the report based their concerns on their political preferences.

The author of the report exposing Rotherham council, former Victims’ Commissioner Louise Casey, wrote, “By failing to take action against the Pakistani heritage male perpetrators of CSE in the borough, the Council has inadvertently fuelled the far right and allowed racial tensions to grow, it has done a great disservice to the Pakistani heritage community and the good people of Rotherham as a result.”

“This has allowed perpetrators to remain at large, has let victims down, and perversely, has allowed the far right to try and exploit the situation. These may have been unintended consequences but the impact remains the same and reaches into the present day”, the report read.

Far-right activist and former leader of the English Defense League was jailed in 2019 for reportedly violating a reporting ban during a trial in one of the sexual exploitation cases in Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court in London; a surprisingly prompt action as compared to grooming gangs. Robinson’s own cousin was a victim of the grooming gang.

In one of his Facebook posts, he said, “One of these sick child rapists is on the run in Pakistan because he was given bail! No bail for me though, they took me off the street and put me in prison for five hours but 10 mass child rapists with 15 witness statements of child rape spend a year walking the streets with your children because the establishment thought they posed no risk!’

His Facebook and Instagram account was, unsurprisingly, blocked by Meta. “Tommy Robinson’s Facebook Page has repeatedly broken these standards, posting material that uses dehumanizing language and calls for violence targeted at Muslims”, Facebook said in its statement.

Katie Hopkins, a far-right political commentator from UK known for her no holds barred opinions, wrote in 2017, “I have been criticized widely for discussing the subject on my show. Rounded on by liberals, accused of Islamophobia, of bias.”

Hopkins too, like many others, was reported to the cops by a Labour MP for equating Pakistani men with grooming gangs. She was banned from Twitter permanently for alleged “hate speech” in 2020.

Another feminist activist Julie Bindel said she has long found herself battling the cultural sensitivities of British officialdom. When reporting the story of a 14-year-old girl in Blackpool, Bindel was told by the police that they were “treading carefully” as far as the names of the perpetrators were concerned because they didn’t want to cause a “riot”.

However, even as Bindel’s intentions were no less than to help the victims get justice, her concerns too at one point had a political tone. “I argued, as an antiracist, that it was important that this issue was not pushed under the carpet, because if it were, then the likes of the [far-right] British National Party would colonize the story for its own ends,” she was quoted by the Wall Street Journal.

A former Labour MP for Rotherham, Denis MacShane reportedly said he might not have done enough about child sexual exploitation in his constituency because he was a “Guardian-reading liberal leftie.”

In casually-hurled words, he said he thinks there was a culture of “not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat”.

Another former Labour Party MP for Keighley said she was silenced by some of the members of her own party even as she kept her balance by taking on the far-right in her statement to The Guardian.

Ann Cryer said, “They (the victims) thought these lads were their boyfriends. They thought they were going to get married. But no. Most of these lads were already married to a cousin from Pakistan.”

When Cryer reportedly attempted to get the Pakistani community to condemn the rapes. She asked her Muslim friend to approach the mosque. Her friend said to the imams and elders at the mosque, “Ann Cryer would like you to go around to these families and explain that this behavior is totally un-Islamic.” The response her friend received was, “Go back to Ann Cryer and tell her it has nothing to do with us.”

Political correctness touched new heights till as recently as 2020 when the Home Office published a report whitewashing the role of Pakistani/Muslims in operating grooming gangs. It read, “Research has found that group-based child sexual exploitation offenders are most commonly white.”

Instead of shedding light on why the cases concerning Pakistani/Muslim accused were rubbished even when they were named by the victims in some cases, the report rather focused on suggesting the point not-all-Muslim-men by saying “most commonly white men”. In a way, the UK Home Office report did exactly what the local authorities at Rotherham, Rochdale, Telford, etc did; conceal the ethnic identity of the accused.

So far did the entire system go to silence the victims that their backgrounds and troubled family history were used against them in order to dismiss their charges. Former chair of the Greater Manchester Police Federation, Ian Hanson had also hinted at political pressures that controlled the police in such cases.

The accused knew the West’s weakness & the British authorities played right into it

It must put the entire United Kingdom to shame that the ring leader of the Rochdale grooming gang attempted to play the exact race card in his defense which they tried to keep concealed over the years to prevent labeling, riots, and whatnot.

Shabir Ahmed, during his trial, had used the “racism” card in court saying that there was a conspiracy to scapegoat Muslims. He made the victims call him “Daddy” and reportedly told one victim, “Please don’t cry…I love you”. To top it off, he called the victims “prostitutes running a business empire”. Ahmed was, like most other accused, another British Pakistani.

In 2017, this jailed terrorist stamped on a fellow prisoner’s face in a fit of rage when he heard the latter say that the bombers of the Brussels terror attack should be eradicated. But what blows one’s mind is that just last year, he was made the “equalities representative” at HMP Wakefield, a maximum security prison where he is serving a 22-year jail term, a move reportedly intended to “improve the behavior of the inmates”.

This is the perfect symptom of the disease called “wishful thinking” which is ailing the West at large; a disease that it wants to spread to the Indian soil too through its propagandist media, virtue-signaling left liberals, holier than thou “educational” universities, and hypocrite politicians.

Considering the extent to which the system went in order to cover the ethnicity of the jihadis, it is safe to assume or fear that their very Pakistani descent was the reason for granting the Rotherham accused half a million pounds in legal aid. This whopping amount to the rapists was given from the British taxpayers’ money while the victims remained uncompensated.

Attempts to silence whistleblowers

In 2015, the Greater Manchester police admitted having failed to recognize the scale of the abuse. A former Detective Constable, Margaret Oliver (aka Maggie Oliver) resigned from the Greater Manchester police force in 2013 over the treatment of such crimes. “This is not just a problem with Greater Manchester – it’s a national problem and the powers-that-be are more concerned with protecting their reputations than really getting to grips with it”, she reportedly said.

Oliver was part of Operation Augusta in 2004 which was abandoned despite producing a long list of 200 suspects among whom was a serving police officer. The operation was shut down in 2005. “It was a virtual carbon copy of Rochdale, men of largely Pakistani heritage were abusing vulnerable white girls, in Hulme and around the Curry Mile in Rusholme. I was on that job for a year and a half. It was a huge investigation”, Oliver reportedly said.

In Telford, two whistleblowers who wanted to raise the issue were silenced. Cop Keith Osmund-Smith was suspended for sharing information with the media while sex abuse charity Axis Counselling fired a woman for trying to speak up, fearing funding cuts.

The majority of the charity’s funding comes from West Mercia police and crime commissioner, John Champion who opposed calls from MP Lucy Allan demanding a Rotherham-like inquiry into Telford child sexual abuse cases.

“British Pakistani men ARE raping and exploiting white girls…and it’s time we faced up to it”. This is the truth that whistleblower and then Labour shadows minister Sarah Champion wrote in a 2017-opinion article in The Sun.

And for simply speaking the truth, Champion had to issue an apology and resign. Part of the article read, “For too long we have ignored the race of these abusers and, worse, tried to cover it up. No more. These people are predators and the common denominator is their ethnic heritage.”

“We have to have grown-up conversations, however unpalatable, or in six months’ time we will be having this same scenario all over again.” Alas, she was right, this same scenario was continuing long after Champion’s warnings.

In 2018, the Rotherham council was ordered to apologize to whistleblower Jayne Senior. She had been working with victims for years. Her charity was raided and Senior was investigated for about 20 months since 2017 – years after she exposed the scandal.

The British media’s Muslim/Pakistani to South Asian/Asian spin

When the likes of BBC and Guardian write about India and/or Indians, they are almost always predictable. The challenges that the Indian society faces naturally sell like hotcakes among the British media as soon as they spot an anti-Hindu and pro-Islamist scope to explore for them.

But that their love for the Islamists was unconditional to the extent that they would appropriate the coverage of sexual exploitation of their own children – while also posing to campaign against it – was new information.

A column published in the Guardian claimed that the grooming gang cases were not about race at all but about “the strong preying on the weak”. At one point, the op-ed liberally digresses from the subject to show how Muslim men have undergone racial abuse.

The columnist, Jane Martinson, propagated the point of view of Imkaan, a women’s rights organization in the UK whose founder Marai Larasi says the only focus should be that vulnerable young people are being targeted (and not the victim’s race).

“So rather than being preyed on because they are white,” Martinson writes, “these girls were victims because they were seen as weak and vulnerable – in other words, similar to most victims of predatory sexual violence.”

But hiding behind this blatant whitewashing of identities is an attempt to deviate from the mindset of the perpetrators that deems “kafir” women as “easy meat.” Because when you won’t address the ethnic identities of the perpetrators, and when you won’t acknowledge that the victims were mostly white and non-Muslim girls, and boys, you will not be able to think “Why are Muslim majority gangs raping non-Muslim/white girls?”

Narrating her harrowing ordeal, Dr Elisa Hill, a survivor of the grooming gangs, in an interview informed that Muslims have raped at least 5 lakh Kaffirs in the UK in last 40 years. Dr Hill said, “When I was being beaten, I was called a white slag, white whore, and white cunt (sic).

Dr. Hill pointed out that her white skin was always on the mind of her Muslim perpetrator. She revealed that grooming gangs viewed white girls as ‘easy meat’ because they sing, dance, and drink alcohol – things considered ‘immoral’ and ‘worthy of punishment (rape and beating in this case).’

Anyone who even remotely suggests that the problem is only a criminal one and has nothing to do with religion/race is complicit in spreading lies in such crucially sensitive cases.

Because if the problem was not about race and ethnicity at all, then why would the BBC, Guardian, and the like be sitting on the edge of their seats to write obnoxious editorials cautioning UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for making his intent clear on political correctness.

The magnum opus of an editorial reads, “But by singling out the threat from gangs, as opposed to child sexual abuse in general, and by launching a new taskforce in Leeds – not far from where some notorious gangs operated – the government has committed to inflame the racial sensitivities surrounding this issue“.

And again, if the problem was not about race, why then would such leftist liberal media be seething at the very criticism of political correctness, let alone mentioning the religion, ethnicity, and even names of the predators, so much so that they would rather prefer appropriating the identity of the accused to South Asian/Asian.

In what world and by what royal logic are a bunch of Pakistani-majority rapist gangs South Asian/Asian? How is generalizing an entire continent not racist but identifying serial rapists for who they are, is?

So let us call a spade a spade. The left-liberal media in the UK chose to misrepresent the facts and so did such reports which chose to use the term South Asian/Asian as against the true identity of the rapists.

The UK court rulings brought a slight ray of hope amid such a sorry state of affairs. In one of the trials in the Rochdale grooming case, the judge dared to call out the religious motivations of the accused.

“I believe that one of the factors that led to that was that they were not of your community or religion. Indeed one witness, said in the course of the trial that he did not wish to be seen with young white girls in his community in Oldham”, the judge said.

No candle-light vigil, no street marches, no public outcry

Mind you, this is a country that comes out marching on the streets in all kinds of colors on Pride Month over a new-found identity but fails to find a matchstick to light a candle and defend the dignity of the minor victims of rape and murder for the fear of offending the identity of the accused.

Feminists’ lips are conveniently sealed revealing just how deep the fear of jihadis runs in the British blood or perhaps these are symptoms of the Stockholm syndrome that has held the UK by the collar; then again, the UK in this case is not a victim, but a perpetrator. And not to forget, what have the “Reclaim These Streets” campaigners been doing all this while despite fighting for justice for Sarah Everard?

UK’s Sikh Awareness Society (SAS) did what the imams of Yorkshire refused to do. They stood up for their girls to safeguard them from the horrors of grooming gangs. Bhai Mohan Singh, a senior member of SAS, staged peaceful protests and has been vocal in demanding action against the grooming gangs.

‘London has fallen’

Given the mess that UK has got itself in, one thing is clear, that its selective sympathy is reserved exclusively for Islamists. Ever since the royal highnesses headed back home post-1950s with the spoils of their occupation across the world, they found the time to finally take a peek into their affairs. Suddenly, they were concerned about multiculturalism, diversity, inclusivity and what have you.

Has it been the result of wanting to stay relevant in non-British world order? Or has it just been an overcompensation for the regret they must live with over their exploitation of the colonies? The former is possible with a limited scope but the latter definitely not. Because if there was any regret whatsoever, race would have been a serious concern for the proud high-tea hosts, which it is not.

In 2021, Rashmi Samant was hounded by leftists and anti-Hindu propagandists after becoming the first female Indian president-elect of the Oxford University Student’s Union. She was forced to resign within days after being abused, bullied, and targeted for being a Hindu and over her views against British colonization. This esteemed ecosystem didn’t have the courage to stand up for Rashmi Samant.

In April this year, Karan Kataria, Student Academic Representative, LSE Law School exposed Hinduphobia and anti-India rhetoric on campus. In his statement on social media, Kataria pointed out that he was disqualified from running for the post of General Secretary of the LSE Student Union LSESU after a smear campaign was launched against him to paint him as homophobic, Islamophobic, queerphobic, and Hindu nationalist.

A think tank this year revealed how Hindu students are discriminated against and cited a case where beef was thrown at a student. Henry Jackson Society found that Hindu students in the UK are being subjected to bullying and racial discrimination in classrooms. As per a report, research fellow Charlotte Littlewood noted that Hindu students were being bullied by their Muslim classmates and repeatedly asked to convert to Islam.

But for the socialists, leftists, and woke liberals in the UK, none of these amount to racism…at least not enough to defend the peaceful Indian-origin Hindus who have now taken to Britain’s highest office. Instead, let’s work to not talk about the Pakistani Muslim gangs raping white and non-Muslim Asian girls and in the process let’s throw in some words like South Asians and Asians too!

A quote by the Hindu-hating Winston Churchill goes, “Eventually, the Moslems will become master, because they are warriors, while the Hindus are windbags. Yes, windbags! Oh, of course, when it comes to fine speeches, skilfully balanced resolutions, and legalistic castles in the air, the Hindus are real experts! They’re in their element! When it comes to business, when something must be decided on quickly, implemented, and executed—here the Hindus say “pass”. Here they immediately reveal their internal flabbiness.

Certainly stands true for the British today.

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