TMC MP Derek O’Brien suspended from Rajya Sabha for “unruly behavior”

TMC MP Derek O'Brien suspended from Rajya Sabha for "unruly behavior"


Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha from the Trinamool Congress, Derek O’Brien has been suspended for the entire Monsoon session of the Parliament on Tuesday “for unruly behavior unbecoming of a Member of Rajya Sabha.”

The suspension came after a motion was moved by Union Minister Piyush Goyal against O’Brien “for continuously disrupting the proceedings of the House, disobeying the Chair and continuously and wilfully creating a disturbance in the House.”

The TMC MP lost his cool even as he stood up to raise the point of order. O’Brien demanded a discussion on Manipur and pointed fingers at the Speaker during his aggressive address. Following this, Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar lambasted the TMC leader and asked O’Brien to take his seat but to no avail. The Speaker then rose from his chair and asked Derek O’Brien to leave the House.

Amid a din, a motion was moved by Minister Piyush Goyal followed by the suspension. Just yesterday, on 7th August, the Speaker had lashed out at Derek O’Brien for “engaging in theatrics.” The TMC MP had equated the Prime Minister and Home Minister to a “Washing Machine.”

“This is not the way to engage in this kind of theatrics. Are you in the process of ridiculing constitutional functionalism by equating them with a washing machine?” the Speaker said.

O’Brien continued to speak even when his time was clocked following which the Speaker rose from his chair and said, “Mr Derek O’Brien is named by me. I name Mr Derek O’Brien to leave the House immediately. I name him. This is the most ignoble conduct and mischievous conduct…no one expects a member like you to get into this mode.”

He then took to his chair and added, “Mr Derek O’Brien your conduct in the House has become most ignoble and this has become your habit. And you are doing it as a part of your strategy. And you think you will enjoy publicity outside?”

Speaker Jagdeep Dhankhar said that he has taken a strong note of O’Brien’s conduct. “Already you are facing proceedings because your demeanour was ignoble, your demeanour does not justify the position you hold. You are required to exemplify your conduct and this is what you do.”


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