Ukrainian boy’s face, back, and arms slashed with box cutter in Milan by gang of 40 immigrants

Ukrainian boy's face, back, and arms slashed with box cutter in Milan by gang of 40 immigrants

In a shocking incident from Italy’s Milan, a 19-year-old Ukrainian boy named Danylo Shydlovskyi was brutally attacked by a gang of around forty migrants on 6th August. The gang was largely comprised of Tunisians and Libyans. A video of the chilling attack has sent shockwaves across Italy.

Danylo and his friends were out travelling when they were faced with a harassing gang of “illegal” migrants. While bravely attempting to protect his friends, mainly two young girls, the Ukrainian boy was already enduring severe blows when another attacker from the gang wielded a box cutter and slashed Danylo’s face, back, and arm.

The video shows Danylo bleeding profusely after the attack. He has been left with a scar for life from the forehead to the chin, two five-centimetre wounds on the back, and scars on the arm. Danylo Shydlovskyi had come to Milan in an escape from war-torn Ukraine.

Danylo with this mother Raissa (Source: Rair Foundation)

“I thought that here in Milan, he would be safe. Paradoxically, he found the war here,” said his mother, Raissa, tearfully. She has been residing in the Italian city for seven years. Danylo reportedly thought he was going to bleed to death. “There were forty of them; they surrounded us to steal our glasses and purse. I thought I was going to bleed to death,” he said.

19-year-old Danylo Shydlovskyi’s face has been scarred for life by the attackers (Source: Amy Mek/Twitter)

Recalling the account of the horrifying incident, Danylo’s friend Stanislav said that their group of six friends had already encountered trouble with the gang earlier that day at the Lecco station where the migrants began to harass them. The situation escalated when they reached Piazza Freud outside the Porta Garibaldi station.

“Six young North Africans – he begins – already started to annoy us from the Lecco station, before getting on the train. They took the same train as us; we ignored it and settled in another carriage,” Stanislav said. Danylo added that upon reaching Garibaldi station, “those six followed us as far as the station exit.”

“Those boys joined others. There were about forty of them and they surrounded us. They took my glasses away and I didn’t react. At one point someone sprayed a stinging spray. Instinctively, I pushed away the two girls who were near me, to protect them, and I didn’t run away,” Danylo reportedly said while his mother interpreted.

He narrated further, “They pushed me against a parked car and smashed a bottle over the head. Then they hit me in the face, with a belt, and I bent over.” His friend Stanislav called out for help but it was too late by the time. “But after a few seconds, one of those guys attacked him with a box cutter: he slashed his whole face, from his forehead to his chin, and went to his back, also hitting his arm while my friend was trying to defend himself.”

The attackers fled the spot leaving Danylo in a pool of blood. He was admitted to the Fatebenefratelli hospital and was discharged after treatment with a 20-day prognosis. “But I’ll have it for at least a year. I have to keep the wound under control, they’ll have to remove the stitches (I have at least thirty) and then I’ll have to start the treatments plastic surgery,” he told an Italian news agency.

Danylo’s partner, Gianfranco has pleaded for justice asking that the guilty be made to pay. “I cannot look at his face and think whoever reduced him to this is still free to do harm.” The incident has received widespread coverage by the Italian media and has sparked uproar among the people highlighting the concerning situation that has taken form owing to the influx of immigrants in Italy and other European countries.

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