UP: Ex-councilor and BSP leader Haji Khalil Ahmed grabs public land to build madrasa, mosque and shops

UP: Ex-councilor and BSP leader Haji Khalil Ahmed grabs public land to build madrasa, mosque and shops

An incident of encroachment on government land has emerged in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. A BSP leader and former councilor Haji Khalil Ahmed grabbed municipal corporation land valued at around Rs 30 crore. Subsequently, a madrasa and mosque were erected on the site, followed by the construction of shops that were later leased out.

In response, the municipal corporation has filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Haji Khalil Ahmed and has issued a notice for the evacuation of the occupied land.

According to reports, residents of Ghaziabad approached Mayor Sunita Dayal with a grievance concerning the unauthorized seizure of more than 23,000 square meters of land. Locals alleged that the initial encroachment involved constructing a madrasa on municipal property, followed by the subsequent construction of a mosque. Khalil Ahmed played a prominent role in the Madrasa Committee’s formation. Upon gaining control, he dissolved the madrasa and proceeded to establish shops on the contested land. These shops were subsequently leased out.

Mayor Sunita Dayal has stated that the estimated value of this land is approximately Rs 30 crore. The mosque occupies an area of 200 square meters. In addition to unauthorized shops and constructions, illicit parking activities are also taking place on the remaining portion of the land. Following the exposure of the situation, an FIR was registered against the implicated individual, Haji Khalil Ahmed. A notice to evacuate the land within a span of 2 days will also be issued. Additionally, a cautionary public alert in this regard will be communicated.

The mayor has also said that if the land is not vacated even after notice and warning, then the illegal encroachment will be razed by deploying a bulldozer. She said that Haji Khalil Ahmed may also also be arrested. She also said that the mosque is associated with the faith of the people. Therefore, no action will be taken on it. However, the rest of the municipal land will be freed from occupation.

In this case, Municipal Corporation Property Superintendent Bholanath Gautam has lodged an FIR against the accused former councillor Haji Khalil Ahmed in Kotwali. Bholanath Gautam said that Khalil Ahmed, a resident of Kaila Bhatta has occupied 2.3340 hectares of land of Khasra Number-213 and has illegally built a shop on it. Therefore, a case has been filed against him.

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