UP: Farzana marries Virendra Kashyap, takes the name Saraswati

UP: Farzana marries Virendra Kashyap, takes the name Saraswati


A Muslim girl married a Hindu man in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district and is converting her religion to Hinduism. Farzana wed Virendra Kashyap in a temple in accordance with Vedic rituals on 25 July and adopted a new name, Saraswati. Furthermore, she has also started the legal procedure to convert to Hinduism officially. In addition, she has requested the administration to ensure the safety of both her and her husband.

The couple was in a relationship for three long years. She is originally a resident of Bareilly’s Gahluiya hamlet, which is a part of the Shergarh police station district whereas the man belongs to the nearby village of Madhopur. He is an exorcist by profession.

Her father had taken her to him for treatment and the two fell in love with each other during the period. They each made an effort to convince their respective families. However, her family members continued to object to their union and restrictions were imposed on her. She was not allowed to meet with her partner.

Virendra Kashyap then went somewhere from his village with Farzana on 22 July. Her father registered a First Information Report against the former and referred to her as a minor.

A case has been filed by the police under sections 363 (punishment for kidnapping) and 366 (kidnapping, abducting or inducing a woman to compel her for marriage etc.) of the Indian Penal Code. An FIR copy is available with OpIndia. Meanwhile, the lovers tied the knot in a temple in Bareilly.

She identified herself as an adult in the marriage affidavit. She has attached her Aadhaar card and stated that she is 23 years old. The Aadhaar card listed her birth year as 2000. She confirmed that there is no coercion or greed in her marriage to her 32-year-old partner. 

There were attendees from Hindu organisations at the wedding and she urged them to call her Saraswati from now onwards. Later, she recorded a video in which she called for protection for both herself and her spouse.


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