UP: Maulana booked for beating a minor boy in a madarsa in Rampur

UP: Maulana booked for beating a minor boy in a madarsa in Rampur


On Friday, 28th July 2023, a horrifying incident of child abuse came to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur district when a seven-year-old boy, studying at a local madarsa, became the victim of a brutal assault by a maulana. The young child suffered physical injuries and was callously thrown out of the madrasa in the middle of the night.

The incident came to light after the innocent child’s father reported the abuse, leading the police to promptly register an FIR. Subsequently, the child underwent a medical examination to document the extent of the injuries inflicted upon him.

As per Jafar Khan, a resident of Mohalla Tanda Hurmatnagar, his son is enrolled at a madarsa situated in Mohalla Sahukara Raza Chowk in the town. Recently, the young boy took a book belonging to another child in the madarsa and kept it with him. Subsequently, an individual brought this matter to the attention of the madarsa teacher, Maulana Shoaib.

According to the allegations, the cleric, infuriated by the incident, took out his anger on the innocent child by tying his hands and subjecting him to brutal beatings. As a result of this ruthless treatment, the young child’s condition deteriorated, and his body bore visible marks of the violence inflicted upon him. Later that night, the cleric heartlessly expelled the child from the hostel, casting him out along with his belongings.

Throughout the night until midnight, the distraught child remained at the hostel gate, crying inconsolably. During this time, a passerby noticed him and approached to inquire about the reason for his distress. Upon learning about the incident from the innocent child, the concerned individual promptly informed the family about what had transpired. The father of this kid then registered a complaint based on which the police filed an FIR. The police are taking further action in this case against the maulana.


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