VHP says Bittu Bajrangi is not a member of Bajrang Dal

VHP says Bittu Bajrangi is not a member of Bajrang Dal

On 16th August, Vishva Hindu Parishad clarified that Raj Kumar’s alias Bittu Bajrangi is not a member of Bajrang Dal. VHP further added that the organisation does not find the content of Bittu’s videos appropriate.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), VHP wrote, “Raj Kumar alias Bittu Bajrangi is being presented as an activist of Bajrang Dal. He has never been associated with Bajrang Dal. VHP does not find the content of the alleged videos by Bittu appropriate”.

The clarification from the Hindu organisation came after the arrest of Bittu Bajrangi. Several media houses claimed Bittu Bajrangi is a member of Bajrang Dal, a sister organisation of VHP. However, Bittu Bajrangi is the founder and chief of the Gau Raksha Bajrang force.

Bittu Bajrangi arrested by Haryana Police

On 15th August, Haryana Police arrested gaurakshak Bittu Bajrangi in connection with an FIR that was filed on the 1st of August against him. It is being claimed that the action is linked with the anti-Hindu violence that erupted in Haryana’s Nuh on the 31st of July.

According to Bittu Bajrangi’s neighbours, several police personnel in plain uniform raided Bittu’s residence in Faridabad. They entered his house and apprehended him.

Around 10 to 12 men are seen running toward a house in the viral video. The police personnel can be seen in civilian clothes and some seemingly have sticks or guns in their hand. Afterwards, they come out of the residence holding Bittu Bajrangi by his neck.

According to some media reports, it is being claimed that Bittu Bajrangi is in the custody of the Tawdu Crime Branch. However, some of his neighbours and relatives expressed apprehension about the said incident.

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