YouTuber Junaid Akram exposes the extremist mindset prevalent in Pakistan

YouTuber Junaid Akram exposes the extremist mindset prevalent in Pakistan


Days after Islamists went on a rampage and attacked the Christian community in Jarnawala in the Faislabad district of Punjab, popular Pakistani YouTuber Junaid Akram exposed the extremist mindset prevalent in his country.

While speaking about the incident, he said, “Besides churches, several Christian graveyards were vandalised during the incident. We do not let them (religious minorities) live in peace when they are alive and have now decided to not let them rest in peace as well.”

“All of this is a manifestation of ignorance and wrong history,” he emphasised. Junaid Akram recounted asking a Parsi tuition mate about his country of origin since he was under the impression that only Muslims could be from Pakistan. This was despite his schooling in a Christian convent school and a family of literate people.

The popular YouTuber also said that he believed that Hindus of Pakistan support India during cricket matches. “This was my thought process despite attending such a good school…This was the level of brainwashing,” he lamented.

Junaid Akram said that his Hindu friends would lament about not being able to build new temples in Pakistan. He was initially in denial but later learnt that there were no new temples and those that existed were built 100-200 years ago.

He pointed out the case of the Islamabad temple, the boundary wall of which was destroyed by a radical Islamist. “Till the time we will glorify in your syllabus that Mahmud Ghaznavi looted and attacked Somnath temple 17 times, attacks on churches and temples in Pakistan will continue unabated,” he added.

Dehumanisation of religious minorities in Pakistan

Junaid Akram said, “We need to change what we are teaching. At least then, there is the scope of moving forward.” He pointed out how other nations provide equal opportunities to everyone, unlike in Pakistan.

He also objected to the dehumanisation and attempts to strip religious minorities of their identity. The YouTuber said that Christians and Hindus are often referred to as non-Muslims instead of their particular religious identity.

“How will you feel if someone calls you non-Christian/ non-Jewish in the US or non-Hindu in India instead of Muslim?” Akram inquired.

Junaid Akram questions trigger-happy Pakistanis

He questioned the violent and trigger-happy mindset of Pakistanis when it comes to blasphemy allegations.

“We are operating with a mindset that the blasphemy allegations are true so that we can set his house on fire or loot his house, destroy his churches and vandalise his cemetery,” he further emphasised. Junaid Akram said, “It appears as if we are waiting for a provocation (chingari).

He pointed out the case of a Christian child, who was seen wearing a Pakistan-Independence Day-themed T-shirt on August 16 i.e. the day of the Jarnawala incident. “Think of this child. He wrote this shirt without knowing the people of the same country would burn his home down. “

Muslims want space everywhere, reluctant to give space to others

The YouTuber added that Christians, affected in the Jarnawala incident, had to take refuge in paddy fields to save their lives. “This is happening in 2023,” he said.

Junaid Akram highlighted the glaring hypocrisy of his community across the globe. “We want space everywhere but are reluctant to give others (religious minotiries) the same space in Pakistan, not even allowing them to stay alive,” he emphaised.

“The situation is so grim that many have to hide their identity,” he shed light on the plight of Christian community in Pakistan. Akram said that his co-worker Amir Shehzad was a Christian but he did not let anyone know about his religious affiliation. It was only during Christmas that the YouTuber learnt about the Faith of Shehzad.

Christians forced to hide their Faith in Pakistan, future generations doomed

“How will you feel if you have to live in Canada with the alias of John Smith?” Junaid Akram asked. He added, “We have created an environment where they have to hide their identity. They are helpless and scared…”

“Imagine you are sitting at home and a mob of 500 attacks your house and burns it down… You have to run away and take refuge in a far-off place…This is exactly what’s happening here but since it is being done to others (minorities), you are not bothered,” the Youtuber highlighted.

He stated, “This kind of system first destroys minorities and then other factions of the majority…The most heartbreaking thing about the incident was the involvement of kids…They were armed with sticks and involved in destroying the furniture of the church.”

“It shows that the next generation is also doomed…We need to rehabilitate, educate them else this country will keep burning and the world will go much ahead of us,” Junaid Akram concluded.


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