Family of Rajesh Dubey, who was killed for supporting Modi-Yogi, share their ordeal with OpIndia

Family of Rajesh Dubey, who was killed for supporting Modi-Yogi, share their ordeal with OpIndia


On the 12th of June 2023, a driver named Amjad was accused of ramming his Bolero into another man named Rajesh Dhar Dubey. He then allegedly crushed and killed Rajesh. It was said that he killed Rajesh because of his political leaning and supporting PM Modi and CM Yogi Adityanath. 

On 14 August, OpIndia met the family of Rajesh Dhar Dubey. Stating that they have not received any kind of help from anywhere, the family stressed that they are in dire financial condition. Rajesh was originally a resident of Kolahi village in Mirzapur district. This village falls under the jurisdiction of Vidhyanchal police station. However, for the last three decades, his family has been living in Delhi’s Sangam Vihar. 

Rajesh was 52 years old when he was brutally murdered. He was a purchase manager in a medical firm. His brother Rakesh also resides in Delhi with his family. He earns his living by driving a vehicle.

Family facing financial challenges to support their children’s education

Rajesh’s 27-year-old daughter Pooja Dubey has completed studies till B.Ed. Pooja shared with us that her dream was to get a government job, but now she has no money left to attend coaching classes or buy more books. We were informed that Rajesh was the sole breadwinner in the family. After his murder, the family is surviving on God’s mercy and is left on their own.  

Her elder brother has a private job but he has a wife and a child to support with that small earnings. 

Rajesh’s 50-year-old widow, Shail Dubey stated that her family is facing a severe financial crisis. Worrying about the future, she expressed her concerns that, apart from supporting their children’s education, she still has to arrange marriages for a son and a daughter, for which she has no resources.

She added that the family often struggles to meet their basic needs. She told us that although they own the house in which they are living, they have to repay the loans that were taken from many people to build the house. 

Not received help from anyone

While talking to the OpIndia team, the widow and daughter of the deceased victim Rajesh stated that till now they have not received any government or personal help from anywhere. 

Rajesh’s widow, Shail told us that initially many people including administrative officials came and assured all possible help to our family, but none of those promises were fulfilled. 

Rajesh’s daughter Pooja added that people have now forgotten their family. Both Rajesh’s widow and daughter have pleaded and appealed to PM Modi, CM Yogi, and administrative officials for help.

Rajesh held humanity above everything

Shail Dubey added that Rajesh always kept humanity above everything and he looked 

at people as equals. She emphasized that her husband held no distinctions based on Hindu-Muslim sentiments. 

The accused Amjad is currently in jail and the courts didn’t grant him bail. The victim had booked Amjad’s Bolero, on the ill-fated day, to attend the marriage of his nephew. 

Rajesh’s daughter, Pooja claimed that the villager who had booked Ajmad’s car for the wedding function is now ashamed. 

During the conversation, the family of the deceased man, Rajesh demanded that the strictest punishment should be awarded to Amjad. Pooja stated that she will never be able to forgive Amjad for killing her father.

Rakesh, the brother of the deceased man Rajesh, told our team that he has written several letters to the authorities asking for help but they have neither received any response nor any action has been taken so far to help Rajesh’s family. 

The letter written by the family includes a demand of Rs 50 lakh as compensation and a government job for one of the family members. 

In the letter, the family has highlighted that Amjad, the accused driver is a native of Vijaypur. It is a Muslim-dominated village and people from Vijaypur have been frequently visiting their area. Citing these frequent hostile visits of Vijaypur villagers,  Rakesh stressed that his family and villagers are scared and tense. 

They have also demanded security for the family and other villagers from the administration.

Letter sent to the administrative officials seeking help for Rajesh’s family

Tragically, Hindus are the victims in India

In response to a question, Pooja, Rajesh’s daughter stated that Hindus are the only victims in India, who are constantly being attacked or killed by someone or the other from the Muslim community. She gave many examples including the bone-chilling case of Shraddha Walker. Aftab killed her and chopped her into more than 30 pieces and kept the chopped body in the fridge. Later, he systematically threw her decapitated body parts into the jungle to escape conviction.  

Pooja also listed her father in the long list of Hindus who have been wronged by Muslim attackers. She also stated that those who say Hindus are attackers or try to blame Hindus in these unfortunate cases for their vested interests are wrong.

Hatred for BJP was the reason behind the murder of Rajesh

Pooja pointed out that apart from being a supporter of BJP, PM Modi, and CM Yogi, there was no fault of her father for which Amjad crushed him to death. She added that all the Muslims are agitated and hate the BJP because they feel that the people of this party are Hinduvadi. She held this abhorrent thinking as the reason behind the killing of many BJP workers and Hindu activists.

The car with which accused Amjad pulverised Rajesh

While speaking with the OpIndia team, Rajesh’s widow, Shail Dubey, stated that she had married Rajesh in 1984 and, since then, she had observed that Rajesh was devoted only to BJP. She added that whether it was Delhi or Mirzapur, Rajesh always took the side of the BJP in discussions. He was particularly impressed with PM Modi and CM Yogi.

‘This is our only nation, where else can we go’

Pooja, the daughter of the deceased man Rajesh, also mentioned the firing incident that took place on a train that was heading towards Mumbai. The accused in that case of identified as Chetan Singh. 

She said, “Some time back I read in the news that some Muslim individuals were killed inside a train by bullet shots fired by a Hindu constable. The family members of those Muslim persons killed in the incident claimed that India is not safe for them to live in. But my father was a Hindu. He always praised Yogi-Modi. He did the same on the ill-fated day when he was sitting in a car driven by a Muslim man, Amjad.”

Pooja further added, “Just because he praised Modi-Yogi, Amjad pushed her father Rajesh and pulverised him beneath his car till he died. We are Hindus. My father was a Hindu. Where else can we go? What do we do? We also want justice. For our father and our family.” 

Having said that, Pooja cried inconsolably and her mother who was sitting nearby also became emotional. 

They have to spend their resources on legal paperwork

Rajesh’s widow and daughter informed that sometimes they have to travel from Delhi to Mirzapur when Mirzapur Police ask them for some FIR-related work and sometimes they are called by the insurance people in the bank.  

Rajesh’s widow and daughter shared that at times they have to travel from Delhi to Mirzapur when the Mirzapur Police call them in relation to FIR-related matters. Additionally, they are also contacted by insurance personnel at the bank.

They have to run from Delhi to Mirzapur at least 3 to 4 times every month and this costs a lot. The money incurred is going from their deposits which are exaggerating their financial miseries. However, in the hope of getting justice and ensuring strict punishment for the accused Amjad, they are taking part in each and every part of the progress.

The unfortunate case of hate crime, killed for political leaning

The incident took place on 12 June 2023. The victim’s family submitted a complaint to the Mirzapur Police. In their complaint, the family stated that Rajesh Dubey, a native of Kolahi village, booked Amjad’s Bolero car to attend the wedding function of his nephew.

On their way to the wedding venue, they engaged in a heated political debate in which the driver Amjad started hurling nasty abuses at PM Modi and UP CM Yogi Adityanath. When Rajesh protested against it, an altercation broke out. 

When Rajesh got out of the car, Amjad rammed his Bolero into Rajesh who was heading home. Rajesh died in the incident. Subsequently, the Police registered a case against Amjad under sections 302 and 504 of IPC. Afterwards, he was arrested and is currently in jail. OpIndia has accessed the FIR copy of this case.


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