Islamists spread fake news that Hindu devotees in Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra were carrying guns

Islamists spread fake news that Hindu devotees in Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra were carrying guns


One of the many propaganda being spread by the Islamist ecosystem with regards Nuh violence is a video of a bunch of men armed with guns retaliating in defence to the hostile attacks by the Muslim mob from surrounding hills.

Self-proclaimed journalist Aasif Mujtaba on 1st August, a day after the violent Islamist mob attacked Hindu devotees in Nuh, Mewat – shared the video with the caption, “A goon with an automatic gun right in-front of a policemen is said to be from the violence site today at #Mewat. Decide for yourself, the role of state police in protecting the goons.”

The video shows innocent Hindu devotees hiding behind vehicles under police cover and some armed men in civilian clothing – whom the propagandist Mujtaba called referred to as goons – defending them against attacks from jihadis hiding in the dense hills.

However, the men in civilian clothes carrying guns are not part of the procession, they were in fact cops in civilian clothes.

While some policemen were in uniform, some were crime branch officials in civil clothes protecting the Nalhar Shiva temple and its devotees from the jihadi attackers. This detail was conveniently ignored, more likely hidden by Mujtaba. Not only did he peddle lies but also used the footage to propagate a twisted narrative – that the cops (in uniform) were protecting armed goons (who were really crime branch officials in civilian clothing working along with the police).

A Hindu man can be heard in the video assuring that police officials are present “armed with Sten Guns yet a lot of firing is happening (from the mob’s side) but no need to be afraid”. And he completes by saying, “Jai Gau Mata Ki”. Imagine the picture that Islamist Mujtaba tried to paint with a video that includes a Hindu religious greeting in audio and his caption falsely propagating that the armed security officials were goons.

The tweet by Aasif Mujtaba has not been deleted yet even after being fact-checked and exposed by several Twitter users in the comments section. Twitter user The Hawk Eye fact-checked Mujtaba accusing him of sharing fake information. Another Twitter user Professor Abdul Kitabi wrote, “He is not a goon, rather a police jawan. Check your facts.”

Twitter user Ankur Singh also called out Mujtaba’s propaganda.

Moreover, as part of the large Islamist-leftist-liberal ecosystem, he also blamed Hindus for the Nuh violence in stark opposition to the fact that the violence was sparked by a Muslim mob when a group of Hindus were holding a peaceful religious rally.

Aasif Mujtaba is unfortunately and IIT Delhi graduate who has been propagating hate against Hindus and spreading fake news to project the usual “muslims in danger in India” narrative. In December 2022, the so-called activist and social worker, Aasif Mujtaba, said that Jamia University was not created to become a centre of excellence but for “Muslims to learn to resist.”

Aasif Mujtaba, along with journalist Ghazala Ahmad, was invited to Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) to speak on the topic: ‘Relevance of Universities in Shaping Public Opinion’ in the context of challenges and opportunities in post-2019 India. The talk was organised to mark the third anniversary of the 2019 anti-CAA protests at Delhi’s Shaheen Bagh.


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