11-month-old boy mauled to death by stray dog in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria

11-month-old boy mauled to death by stray dog in Uttar Pradesh's Deoria


An 11-month-old baby boy was mauled to death by a stray dog on August 15 in Uska Rajbhar Tola village of the Bhatni area of Deoria in Uttar Pradesh. The parents of the boy, originally from Kannauj, were working as labourers on a chicken farm in Deoria. The child was napping on the cot while his parents worked on the farm when he was taken to a field by the canine who killed him.

Neeraj Kumar lived with his wife Kiran and his infant child at Vishal Singh’s egg farm in the hamlet of Bhatni police station area. They were working there for the past 2 months. The couple was working on the evening of Independence Day and had put the infant, named Lalla, to sleep on the cot. Soon after, a dog arrived and lifted him from there.

The animal started to run after grabbing the victim in its mouth. The parents heard the child’s screams and started chasing after it. Afterwards, the dog along with the baby entered a field where it mauled him to death. He was brought to the Community Health Centre (CHC) by the parents with the help of locals where the medical staff pronounced him deceased.

Following the tragedy, the parents of the child are inconsolable. They have now returned to their village following the death of their only son. There is a sense of panic throughout the neighbourhood after the incident as people are scared of the menace of stray dogs.

According to Station Officer Dr Mahendra Kumar, information has been obtained about the death of a child in Uska village as a result of a dog bite. His parents have returned to their home. An investigation would be conducted if a complaint is registered. Vishal Singh mentioned that the pair from Kannauj had arrived to work on the egg farm two months earlier. He added, “Everyone has been shocked by the incident. Will be cautious about security after learning from the occurrence.”

Dogs attack a six-year-old

A few days ago, a pack of dogs attacked a six-year-old boy, named Ayush, who was following his father, Sankata Gond in Chhapia Jaidev of Bhatni region. He was severely bitten and scratched by them. As soon as he reached outside the village, more than half a dozen dogs simultaneously assaulted the innocent and started scratching him.

They abandoned him and fled as the nearby individuals raced after the screams were heard, but by then he had suffered major wounds. The family members took him to the Primary Health Centre for medical care, where he was directed to Maharishi Devraha Baba Medical College and even they referred him to Baba Raghav Das Medical College for treatment as his health situation grew critical.


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