25 Rohingyas arrested for involvement in the Nuh violence

25 Rohingyas arrested for involvement in the Nuh violence

Several Rohingyas have been arrested in connection with the Nuh violence. It is being told that the police have registered more than 20 cases and arrested around 25 Rohingya refugees.

Officials say that their documents are being examined. Preliminary investigations revealed that all of them had been given refugee identity cards by the UN. Most of the Rohingyas living in Nuh are from Myanmar’s Rakhine state. After the violence in 2017, they came to Nuh through many routes in India.

According to reports, there are approximately two thousand Rohingyas currently residing in Nuh, and a large number of them possess UN-issued refugee cards. They have once again attracted attention due to their involvement in the recent violence that occurred in Nuh on July 31 this year.

Police officials have expressed suspicions that some of these refugees may be actively participating in spreading violence in the area. The police have received inputs and information that support these suspicions.

In Tavadu, authorities have demolished 250 slums inhabited by Rohingya refugees, as they were located on forest department land. The police and district administration assert that these refugees were engaged in various criminal activities. This action was taken in response to their involvement in the recent violence in Nuh. The police are actively searching for other individuals who are believed to be involved in the violent incident.

A significant number of Rohingya refugees have been residing in a slum area situated approximately 500 meters away from the mini secretariat. It has been reported that over 200 slums have been established in this location. Official sources indicate that some of these Rohingya refugees were implicated in the recent violent incidents, and there are emerging revelations about their involvement in various criminal activities.

In light of these developments, authorities are contemplating appropriate actions to address the situation. Additionally, the documents and papers of these refugees are currently under examination to verify their identities and legal status.

Nuh’s new SP Narendra Bijrania said, “We have received inputs about the involvement of Rohingyas in the violence in Nuh. The documents of these Rohingyas living as refugees are being examined to see who has a UN card.”

The escalation of violence in Nuh has been partly attributed to the dissemination of videos on social media. Police officials have confirmed the arrest of approximately 60 suspects in connection with this incident. Additionally, 10 cases related to social media activities have been registered. Moreover, the number of injured individuals in the Nuh violence has increased to 88. By Friday, 70 of these injured individuals had been identified.

On July 31, violence broke out in Haryana’s Nuh district during the ‘Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra,’ which was organized by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. Vehicles were burnt and stones pelted at the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Jalabhishek Yatra as clashes erupted between two communities in the Muslim-majority region of Mewat in Haryana.

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