5 dogs attacked a girl in Ghaziabad, mad dog bites 6 students in Sonbhadra

5 dogs attacked a girl in Ghaziabad, mad dog bites 6 students in Sonbhadra


An innocent 12-year-old girl was brutally attacked by several dogs in Ghaziabad’s residential society. Around 5 dogs encircled the kid and when she tried to run for cover, the canines pounced on her and started attacking and biting her. Meanwhile, a delivery boy who was passing from there rushed to her rescue. He saved her life from the peck of dogs and ended the terrifying experience.        

The CCTV footage of the street dogs’ attack has gone viral on social media.

The incident took place at the Officer City-1 Colony in Rajnagar Extension, Ghaziabad. 

In the viral CCTV footage, the child can be seen walking inside a society. She is clearly terrified by the dogs that start to encircle her. Soon, she is surrounded by around 5 dogs, and panicked by this sudden attack, she momentarily stops there and cried for help. Subsequently, she tries to escape from the dogs and ran to find a cover. But the canines started chasing and pouncing on her. The dogs started attacking and biting her.     

Meanwhile, a delivery boy who was passing from there came to her rescue. He chased the dogs away and saved the life of the innocent child. 

These increasing number of dog attacks have been ringing the alarm bells, especially in residential societies. Following the Ghaziabad City-1 incident, the residents expressed concerns for the safety of their children. They have been raising questions about the entry of street animals and the animal lovers who have been pressuring the security guards to allow animals inside the society. 

However, Surbhi Rawat, president of Peoples for Animals (PFA) Ghaziabad, alleged that the residents of the society are the ones who have to be blamed for these rampant attacks. She claimed that the residents of the society have been trampling dogs and their puppies beneath their vehicles. She claimed that these ‘merciless’ killings have made these animals violent which leads to such attacks. 

She argued that when we as humans are carrying out the shameful acts of killing dogs and puppies, how can we expect anything different from animals?

Sonbhadra: A mad dog bit 6 students

On the 4th of August, a similar incident of dog menace was recorded in Sonbhadra. A mad dog bit 6 students on their hands when they had stepped outside the school gate to have lunch. The injured students include 5 girls and 1 boy. The incident took place near Bhartiya Inter College located in Ghoraval Nagar.

College teachers stated that all the students had gone outside the gate to have lunch when they were attacked by a dog. 

Following the incident, an anti-rabies injection and medicines were given to all the students. The team of doctors also declared that the students are out of danger.


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