Actors Anushree and Unni Mukundan condemn anti-Hindu comments by Kerala speaker

Actors Anushree and Unni Mukundan condemn anti-Hindu comments by Kerala speaker

Days after the Speaker of Kerala’s Legislative Assembly, AN Shamseer made disparaging remarks about Lord Ganesha calling him a myth, popular Malayalam actors Anushree and Unni Mukundan have given strong statements against Hinduphobic comments made by the ruling CPIM leader.

Speaking at a Ganesholvam event in Palakkad on August 23, Anushree slammed those who make insulting remarks about Hindu Dharma and Hindu Gods even when Hindus never indulge in disparaging other religions. She pointed out that a non-believer cannot convert a believer as Hindus did not become believers in just one or two days rather they saw the rituals and culture since their birth, comprehended things while growing up and became believers or devotees.

“The things we saw from our birth, the rituals we saw while growing up. because of it, we became believers over a long period,” Anushree said.

Referring to Kerala Assembly Speaker AN Shamseer’s derogatory comment about Lord Ganesha, Anushree said that if someone sitting somewhere claims that Ganapathy is a myth or Devi is fiction, that will not help in converting Hindus from being believers to non-believers. She added that comments will not make the Hindus lose their beliefs. She further reiterated actor Unni Mukundan’s recent comments wherein he questioned about why Hindu beliefs are being targeted and Hindu emotions are being harmed.

“When my brother Unni spoke at the Mahaganapthy temple yesterday, he said, Why is everyone harming us (Hindus) alone? Why are they hurting our emotions and beliefs?” Anushree said.

Moreover, in an indirect reference to Shamseer, Anushree while addressing the crowd said that someone sitting somewhere has this misconception that Hindus are not brave enough.

“Someone somewhere thinks or they have a misconception that we are not brave enough. Are we cowards? No. When this huge crowd gathers here, we exhibit that we are indeed brave. When someone sitting somewhere talks in this manner, we feel sad. Why are they making us upset when we never do that to others? Every citizen has the right to protect his rituals and beliefs. Then why are others hurting our emotions?” the actress said.

The actress further recalled how, while participating in Srikrishna Jayanti celebrations back in 2019 organised by Balagokulam, a group affiliated with the Sangh Parivar, she dressed up as Bharat Mata and was labelled a bigot, trolled, and bullied over social media.

Anushree also talked about how she was afraid to attend events related to temples as she feared that attending such events would invite further trolling and bullying online. The actress, however, had this realisation of how long can Hindus stay intimidated.

“Why or who should be afraid to say that we are Hindus or since we are born as Hindus, we respect our rituals? Never be afraid. When I get afraid, everyone else gets afraid too. We must never embrace that fear. Each and everyone is born with their religion and beliefs,” Anushree asserted.

The actress opined that sometimes it is good that someone speaks out against Hindus as it brings the Hindus closer and reinforces their unity. She added that Hindus have a strong spine and will protest against any act that hurts Hindu dharma or insults Hindu Gods be it Lord Ganesha or others.

“Sometimes I feel that it is good that someone sitting somewhere causes trouble for us as it brings up an opportunity to demonstrate our unity. When I think in this way, I take such things on a positive note. Because we are not spineless. Our spines are strong. If we have to protest, we will protest in a good way. I will respond in my own way, and will do all possible things from my side if there is any act that harms my religion and my faith. that includes Lord Ganesha and other gods that I believe in.” actress Anushree said.

Taking to X, the Kerala BJP on Wednesday praised actress Anushree for speaking up for Hindus amidst constant attacks on Hindu beliefs.

“We applaud Actress Anushree’s courage to fight the narrative that Hindus lack the backbone to stand up for their beliefs. Amid personal and professional challenges, she’s redefining faith as strength, not weakness, shaping identity. In a world of labels, she teaches us: having a voice matters, but wielding it matters even more,” BJP Keralam posted.

Unni Mukundan urges Hindus to become unapologetic about their faith

Recently, popular Malayalam actor Unni Mukundan attended an event at the Kottarakara Mahaganapathi Temple where the actor addressed the crowd at the temple and said that while everyone has the right to voice their opinions and even express their disbelief in God, however, Hindus not resisting to such challenges is a failure. He asserted that today someone called Lord Ganesha a myth, tomorrow they may assert that Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva are also myths and eventually they may declare Hindus also a myth, thus it becomes crucial that Hindus remain attentive to such comments.

Mukundan said that Hindus should practice their rituals and traditions unapologetically adding that no one dares to question or critique the traditions of other religions. “I have only one thing to say, you must comprehend the circumstances and proceed with your rituals. No one even dares to criticize the rituals of believers in other religions or their deities. This is the approach you should adopt,” Mukundan said.

This comes after Kerala state assembly speaker AN Shameer while speaking at a school event in Ernakulam on July 21st said that the Centre should teach the children about accomplishments in science and technology instead of Hindu myths. He used Lord Ganesha and Pushpak Vimana as an example to call out “Hindu myths”.

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