Afghanistan: Girls, women demand reopening educational institutes

Afghanistan: Girls, women demand reopening educational institutes


Girls and Women both students and teachers in Afghanistan who were deprived of their basic rights have demanded the reopening of educational institutes in the country for them, TOLONews reported.

As the Taliban regime completed its second year in Afghanistan after taking over the country, the women wished that their basic right to education will be given back to them.

“Yesterday, I thought that maybe schools, universities, and many other places that were closed would open but they didn’t,” said Marwa, a student.

“We call on the government to reopen schools and universities for girls,” said Najma, a student.

Meanwhile, some students and teachers warn of the negative consequences of closing girls’ schools and said that closing the gates of schools will spread illiteracy in the country more than before, as per TOLONews.

“There was some news in social media about reopening schools and universities for girls but it didn’t happen, the closure of the schools is not beneficial for our country,” said Fahima, a student.

The question is why the plan to reopen schools and universities has not been finalized after two years of Islamic Emirate rule, according to TOLONews.

Afghanistan’s women have faced numerous challenges since the Taliban returned to power in 2021. Girls and women in the war-torn country have no access to education, employment and public spaces.

Taliban has imposed draconian restrictions on the rights to freedom of expression, association, assembly, and movement for women and girls.

Not only this, Taliban leaders have also disregarded international calls for women and girls to be given access to education and employment. Apparently, they have also issued warnings to other nations not to meddle in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs.

The Taliban have barred girls from attending secondary school, restricted women and girls’ freedom of movement, excluded women from most areas of the workforce and banned women from using parks, gyms and public bath houses.

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