Anju seen in burqa enjoying dinner with Nasrulla and his friends a day after denying ‘nikah’ reports

Anju seen in burqa enjoying dinner with Nasrulla and his friends a day after denying 'nikah' reports


A day after Anju from Rajasthan who went to Pakistan to meet her Facebook ‘friend’ refuted the claims of her marriage with Nasrulla, a video has emerged where the duo could be seen having dinner with a group of men that has now gone viral over the internet. In the video, Anju can also be seen wearing a burqa which is imposed upon women in Islam.

As per the latest reports, the group of men with whom Anju could be seen having dinner are friends of Nasrulla. She was also given the burqa by Nasrulla who wanted the “lady to be respected in his community”.

This comes days after Anju refuted the media reports which claimed that she had gotten married to Nasrulla and that she had converted her religion to Islam. The media reports also stated that Anju had changed her name to Fatima after converting her religion to Islam post nikah.

The woman appeared in a video with her friend Nasrulla and stated that all the reports about her marriage to Nasrulla were false. In the video, Anju said, “I am here in Pakistan just like other people who come to visit the country. I don’t know why people are talking like this that I am here to get married and all. I am here for sightseeing and I have enjoyed my stay here.”

She also could be heard saying in the video that she is safe in Pakistan. “I want to give this message to all that I have come here to Pakistan legally and with planning as it was not about two days that I came here all of a sudden, and I am safe here,” 35-year-old Anju from Kailor in India’s Uttar Pradesh added. She claimed that she will return to India after visiting Pakistan.

However, Anju’s husband in India, Arvind, stated that the woman had lied to him that she is going to Jaipur to visit her sister and the next thing he knew was that she is in Pakistan.

Now Arvind has stated that Anju’s Visa should be investigated and that her documents should be thoroughly checked. He also appealed to the Indian government to take strict action against the woman as he decides to part ways with her.

Speaking about the marital status, Arvind said that the woman wants to seek divorce from him and has already submitted the necessary documents in Delhi. He also said that she has proven her marriage to another person through ‘Nikah’. Arvind further said that he had no intentions to reconcile his marriage with Anju.

Also, Anju’s father Gaya Prasad Thomas was quoted as saying that his daughter had ruined the life of her two children. He also said that she should have divorced her husband before doing something like this. “The way she ran away leaving her two children and husband behind. If she wanted to do this, she should have divorced her husband at first. She is no more for us,” he said.

Earlier, it was reported that Anju travelled to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan to meet her lover, 29-year-old Nasrullah, from Upper Dir. They met on Facebook four years ago and started liking each other soon. During questioning by Pakistani authorities, Anju claimed that she could not live without Nasrullah.

However, Anju in the her last video said that she would return to India and that she had no plans to marry Nasrulla, a resident of Pakistan.

And in the latest video she could be seen having dinner with Nasrulla and his friends in burqa.


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