Audio clip instigating Muslims to kill Hindus participating in Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra surfaces, after which violence was unleashed against Hindus: Details

Audio clip instigating Muslims to kill Hindus participating in Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra surfaces, after which violence was unleashed against Hindus: Details


On 7th August, India Today released audio clips from a WhatsApp group of Muslims from Mewat where a person was instigating others to kill Hindu devotees participating in Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra.

As per India Today’s report, the audio went viral on a Mewat-based WhatsApp group. In the audio, the person instigated his community members to gather at the Shringar temple in Mewat on 31st August. He said there are 100-200 people, and at least 10-20 should be killed. Shringar Mandir is a Shiv Mandir located 45 minutes from Nuh (Nalhar) Shiv Mandir. The Jalabhishek Yatra was supposed to end at Shringar Mandir.

India Today reporter pointed out that soon after the audio went viral, violence erupted near Shringar Mandir. India Today accessed videos as well where people were attacked with stones. The rioters tried to enter Shringar Mandir twice after the attack. It was said that the violence appeared to be pre-planned as it started at Nuh and spread to other locations. The violence would have remained limited to Nuh if it had erupted suddenly.

“Please tell me, is the land of Mewat full of cowards? 100-200 are there. Can’t we kill 10-20 of them? The way their vehicles were burnt, at least 10-20 of them should have been killed. Is Mewat wearing bangles? Whoever is there, come to Shringar Temple as soon as possible. Today is your chance. Even if you raise your hand, the same number of people will come. And even if you kill around 10-20 people, the same number of people will come. So today is the day. Everyone will die someday. If not today, then tomorrow.”

The second person in the audio said, “All the people who have joined this group, there are 10, 20, 50, 100-150, whatever they are, I request you all with folded hands. Whether they are people from the Memon’s group or a Saudi Arabia group, please distribute it amongst them. Today, you can love anything, whether it is your wife, child or even money. But one day, all of these will be left behind. Either the person you love will leave you, or you will leave them. Do not think that all of this will be there forever. When it is about our community, you have to stand fearlessly. Running away from a fight is cowardness. It is better if you wear bangles. Mewat is known as the land of Khuda. How can they [Hindus] leave from here safely? We can not sit peacefully until at least 20 of them are buried. Instead of making videos [on this issue], please do something about it. Save your community. If everyone is making videos, who will do the work?”

Haryana Police is already investigating the audio clip. India Today quoted unnamed sources saying that Police have identified the persons behind the audio. Furthermore, it was revealed that the rioters joined the mob not only from Mewat but also from nearby areas of Rajasthan. 

Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra Attack

On 31st July, violence broke out in Haryana’s Nuh district during the ‘Brij Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra,’ which was organized by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. The death toll from the clashes has now reached 6, including two personnel from the Haryana home guard. The deputy commissioner urged people to stay indoors, venture outside only for essential tasks, and disregard any circulating rumours.

Vehicles were burnt and stones pelted at the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s Jalabhishek Yatra as Islamists unleashed violence against thousands of Hindus in the Muslim-dominated region of Nuh, Mewat in Haryana.


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