Congress shares Preamble replete with typos, deletes it later

Congress shares Preamble replete with typos, deletes it later


Amid speculations that the Indian government would soon move a resolution to adopt Bharat as the country’s official name, the principal opposition party had a faux pas moment when it tried to oppose the move by sharing a picture of the Preamble of the country. The copy of the Preamble shared by Congress was rife with spelling errors.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, the official account of Congress shared a picture of the Preamble to the Constitution of India. The party tweeted that it is impossible to erase India.

However, the Congress party’s pontification was shortlived as social media users ridiculed the party for numerous spelling errors in the document shared by it.

Spellings of ‘solemnly’ and ‘Republic’ were written as ‘solemny’ and ‘Repubic’ respectively while ‘opportunity’, ‘belief’, and ‘this’ were spelt as ‘oppertunity’, ‘brief’, and ‘thus’.

JP Nadda, the national president of the BJP, lambasted the Congress for disrespecting the Constitution and its chief architect Dr BR Ambedkar, after it shared a picture of the Preamble brimming with spelling mistakes.

Social media users also hauled Congress over the coals for treating the Preamble with frivolity and not checking it for typos before pontificating over it. 

One user sharply commented Congress is fully fake, adding that first it was fake Gandhis and now fake Preamble of the Constitution.

Yet another X user remarked that under the leadership of Supriya Shrinate, the social media team of Congress shared a copy of the Preamble with several typos.

Many others too joined in to criticise the Congress party.

Before long, after facing backlash for sharing a typo-laden Preamble, the official X account of Congress removed its tweet.

The party then shared a corrected version of the Preamble of the Constitution.

Earlier today, unconfirmed and speculative reports of the Indian government mulling to adopt the constitutionally sanctioned ‘Bharat’ name over India sent the opposition parties into a tizzy, with several prominent politicians proffering absurd logical and tedious explanations to claim that the Centre cannot grant ‘Bharat’ preeminence over India.

Many others, who welcomed the move, added that by identifying India as Bharat, the Modi government is reclaiming its civilisational identity, long smothered by multiple waves of Islamic invasions followed by two centuries of British colonialism and subsequently over seven decades of suppression by successive Congress governments.


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