Delhi: Amazon manager shot dead, ‘just turned 18’ Bilal Gani and Sameer arrested

Delhi: Amazon manager shot dead, 'just turned 18' Bilal Gani and Sameer arrested


On Thursday, August 31st, Delhi Police arrested a person named Bilal Gani alias Mallu over the allegations of involvement in the murder of a senior manager with e-commerce giant Amazon. The 18-year-old accused was arrested near the Signature Bridge at around 2 am today.

The arrest comes after 36-year-old Harpreet Gill was killed on Tuesday when five people opened fire at him and one of his relatives (some reports say friend), Govind Singh in the Subhash Vihar area of Bhajanpura. While Harpreet Singh was shot in the head and pronounced brought dead by the doctors at Jag Pravesh Chandra Hospital, Govind Singh who owns an eatery in Subhash Vihar suffered critical injuries.

According to the police, the other four assailants have been identified as 18-year-old Mohammad Sameer alias Maya, 23-year-old Sohail alias Bawarchi, 23-year-old Mohammad Junaid alias Biryani and 19-year-old Adnan alias Don.

Delhi Police’s Special Cell has also arrested the main accused Mohammad Sameer alias Maya.

Meanwhile, DCP Northeast, Joy N Tirkey said that Harpreet Gill was shot on the right side of his head near the ear and the bullet exited from the other side.

Reportedly, Bilal Gani and the other accused on Tuesday were partying in the North Ghonda area in Bhajanpura, and at around 10:30 p.m. they went out for a ride on two scooters. While riding they were going on a narrow lane where two bikes could not cross. Harpreet Gill and his friend Govind Singh wanted the accused persons to give way. This, however, enraged Bilal Gani and his friends who in turn slapped Govind Singh. It was when Gill and Singh tried to step down and speak to them, that accused Sameer shot at the heads of the victims.

Gani, who worked at a welding shop in Bhajanpura, turned 18 on Sunday, according to the police. In 2022, he was involved in a murder and a robbery in Bhajanpura. He managed to come out of the Children’s Observation home being a minor at the time.

According to the deceased victim’s uncle, Akshay, Harpreet Gill had no animosity with anyone and says he has no clue why he was shot. “DCP, SHO came to the scene, and I asked him to look at the footage and find the accused,” he told ANI adding that Gill was unmarried and is survived by his parents and a younger sibling.


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