Delhi: Minor nabbed for killing Wasim says Wasim was homosexual

Delhi: Minor nabbed for killing Wasim says Wasim was homosexual


A significant revelation has emerged in the Wasim murder case in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar. The minor apprehended in connection with this case has informed the police that Wasim was homosexual. Allegedly, the deceased was abusing the minor and recorded a video, and was consistently using it to blackmail the minor.

The juvenile was arrested on allegations of murdering his tutor by slitting the tutor’s throat. The motive behind the act, as reported by Delhi police on Saturday, September 2, 2023, was that the tutor Wasim had allegedly been sexually assaulting the arrested juvenile repeatedly.

The lifeless body of the victim, bearing severe neck injuries, was discovered in Jamia Nagar, Batla House, on August 30, 2023. Upon receiving information, the local police arrived at the scene, where they found a 28-year-old man lying in a pool of blood. The deceased was identified as Mohammad Wasim, who was working as a private tutor.

The flat where Wasim was murdered belonged to his father. Wasim’s father Mohammad Jameel is a teacher by profession. The flat where Wasim’s body was found was rented out to someone, which had recently been vacated. Wasim lived with his father in Zakir Nagar opposite Mecca Palace Hotel.

Delhi police said, “During the investigation on the basis of surveillance, it emerged that the deceased Wasim was engaged in homosexual activity with a juvenile and was repeatedly sexually assaulting him. The deceased had made a video of the juvenile and threatened him to release the video on social media if he did not oblige him.”

According to police officials, on August 30, 2023, the deceased called the juvenile to his one-room residence with the alleged intention of sexually assaulting him.

Delhi police further said, “The minor was fed up with his repeated assault and had planned to eliminate the molester. On finding an opportune moment, the minor who was carrying a sharp paper cutter, slit the throat of the deceased and fled from the spot. The juvenile has been apprehended.”

The deceased’s mobile phone, as well as the clothing and shoes that the juvenile was wearing at the time of the incident, have all been retrieved from the juvenile. Based on the investigative findings and gathered facts, a murder case has been officially registered under Section 302 of the IPC, at Police Station Jamia Nagar, and the investigation is now actively underway.


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