Dog barks at man in Bengaluru, he stabs a senior citizen mistaking him to be the “dog parent”

Dog barks at man in Bengaluru, he stabs a senior citizen mistaking him to be the "dog parent"


A man in Karnataka’s Bengaluru was arrested after he stabbed a senior citizen whom he mistook for the parent of the dog that barked at him, according to a report in The Times of India. The incident happened earlier this week at 17th Cross in the Malleswaram neighbourhood of the city when 57-year-old daily-wage labourer H Raju attacked 62-year-old Balasubramanya HV, a resident of Rajajinagar, on the street.

The dog that attacked the accused was probably a stray, according to the police, who added that the victim received treatment at KC General Hospital prior to returning home. The dog suddenly growled and chased the attacker while he was strolling on the pavement at around 8:30 PM on August 21. He was on his way back to his room in Yeshwantpur after travelling to Seshadripuram for work while the victim was approaching from the other side.

H Raju informed the cops, “Suddenly, the dog walking behind him (Balasubramanya HV) started barking at me. I started walking at a brisk pace and it chased me. I ran to the opposite pavement to escape from the dog. The dog disappeared and I got angry at the man as I thought it was his dog.”

Balasubramanya HV was yelled at by the attacker for letting the dog loose on him. “I couldn’t understand his words. He then pulled a knife and stabbed me in the jaw. I screamed for help and tried to stop him from further attack. Then he stabbed me again on my right hand and finger,” the victim shared with the police.

H Raju fled as people gathered around the spot. The victim was assisted by passersby to get to the hospital where he received treatment. He then went to the police who used CCTV footage to identify the offender and apprehended him on the charge of attempt to murder.


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